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5 day juice starting in a week

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Posted by MarissaG on 2 months ago

Hi! I am working on slowly transitioning into a juice due to my IBS. I've been having a flare up all week and hope that this will help me and my symptoms. I did an elimination diet and found the FODMAPs that upset me, so I am now gluten free and vegan. I think this will help me make better and healthier decisions which in turn will hopefully help me lose a little weight and also help my symptoms that still sparingly occur. Anyone have any suggestions of how to best do the transition process considering I already avoid caffeine, dairy and most processed foods? If anyone would like to join in with me I start August 12th a five day juice, let's do this together!!

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Replies To 5 day juice starting in a week

  • Zootal

    2 months ago

    If your five days goes well, consider extending it to ten days. Five days is a nice reboot and everything, but you don't really reap that much benefit because it takes 2-3 days just for the fat burning to start, and you don't really start to feel good and get with it until the fifth day or so. By day five, you are in full fat burning mode and finally starting to feel better. Don't stop! Now that you are in the groove, keep going!

  • Tumbleweed

    2 months ago

    I'm on my 4th day of five, considering continuing to at least ten , maybe even more then going to vegan type diet. If I go back to meat, it will have to be grass fed and free rein and limited. I feel good on this program. Even went to a neighborhood TGIF and drank my juice. The food did not tempt me. I am doing good.

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