Real Change

40 day challange

Real Change

Posted by DANIEL on 2 years ago

Hello all.

Im new to the group, but not so new to juicing. I have juiced off and on for several years but never longer than a few days tops.

I am looking to lose about 80 pounds over all but more importantly, long-term better health. This will be ground breaking.

I am single so I would love on line support. Anyone suggest a good group to join?

I start this Saturday, August 20th and end up close to the end of September.



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  • JenSica

    2 years ago

    Hi Dan! Same here, new to the group, been juicing half-heartedly for many years, but ready to make a real life change now. Just finished a frustrating dinner with my husband; I was trying to share with him my enthusiasm for my new found passion with juicing here and share my small successes with these reboots and how great I'm feeling for the first time in years. He wasn't the least bit interested in hearing it. Just a little bit of encouragement and support from him could go such a long way! I won't give up though, and I'm so glad to have found this forum. I glad you found it too! I'm wishing you spectacular success with your new adventure. Please let us know how you're doing with it, and know that you're never alone!

    Best of luck,

    Jennifer in Williamson, GA

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