30 day Reboot - question about 1/2 eating


Posted by DallasMom on 1 year ago

So I'm going on a 30 day reboot. To my surprise, in the book, Joe says days 1-5 should be 1/2 eating and 1/2 juicing. I really just want to jump into the juicing only. What's the reason for 1/2 eating for the first 5 days, and would it hurt anything to just go right in to juicing only?

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  • Lolli

    1 year ago

    Hi, I also wondered that after getting the juice diet app. I decided on the '5 day jump into juicing' plan,which is juice only, and once I reached the end, I started again at day one. Today is day 22! and I'm planning on 30 days after which I will consult my doctor. I have lost 6.5kg, lowered my blood pressure and started to run/walk about an hour a day and I feel great! My dilemma is what then? what will I eat when I finish my reboot? Just purchased a vegan cookbook to get some ideas. I see you posted a week ago, what did you decide and how are you doing?

  • kiarawillson92

    7 months ago

    Amazing...! I can't believe this strategy would help this much and I was thinking it will also waste the time like everything else but I am amazed to see that people are getting this much results and I guess its wonderful. Since when I joined Penny Saviour office I am too lazy to workout even though we have all the gym and other facilities in-house, I think I need to do something now :)

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