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    Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support in
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    Hello Juice Buds (Leslie and Zeke in particular -- like others I say, miss you, Gramtear).

    I am so sorry I have missed so many posts here. Couldn't spend time at the desktop and the site doesn't work well with my phone. But I'm migrating back to my office/desktop more and more now and hope to spend time here!

    I am back at least til next week when all bets might be off. (Changes, unknowns to come.) Feeling great, been released by three docs, all but the main one and one incidental follow-up I expect the same from, to come next week. ("Just come see me if you need me..." they said.)

    I am feeling great. I have also hired a helper and that's working out very well! She comes twice/week to help with both juicing and a bit of light house cleaning. Right now I can do a lot of everything myself but if I should need help as time passes, I have it all lined up and we can stay functional with bases covered and everyone pitching in. I couldn't be more pleased with how that has finally worked out!

    We are only having her make a carrot-based juice (carrots, celery, cukes, and beets when I can get nice ones), twice/week. My husband is then pressing the pulp later that night to increase our yield up to more than two 16 oz servings / day for each of us.

    Greens don't go well in that juicer so we are sticking with those that will do well in the centrifugal. For greens, going to make green smoothies, and salads for those who eat them right now. If we do drink other juices, it'll be on an as-able basis. ( I scored a bunch of grapefruit and oranges -- good citrus season! Need to keep juicing those, I am so craving citrus right now! And other freshies like blueberries and veggies!)

    Drinking my carrot juicies as we speak! Be well and juice on!! :)

    [ p.s. Will copy most of this first post to one of the other groups; delete duplicates, please! ]

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