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  • Leslie commented on Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support

    I did really well on my walking this week, I walked 46.18 miles, with a goal of 38.9 miles per week. I am now exactly 20 miles deficit for this month, however there are 7 days to go so I can make up a little of it, but I will still have to do a little catch up in October while the weather is good. I really hoped that keeping it to 100 miles per week would get me to the 2000 mile goal with the rainy weather that i am hoping we have!

    MTD Miles 107.46 goal 167 miles per month

    YTD miles 1,713.27 Goal for the end of this month 1,503 miles

    Glad to be ahead of the game!

    Juice On Buddies!

    Ginger Shot Zeke!

  • Leslie commented on Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support

    Hi Buddies Good day yesterday I had 5 more iris beds to rake then I thought I did the biggest one first and it took a couple of hours then I did 2 small ones which went quickly, there was not as much junk to rake. Then I did a medium size one which was hard because a lot of climbing viney weeds grew through there and they were really thick. Plus they were planted in a rock outcropping so that made the raking harder as well. Did not get down to the veggie garden at all. It is going to be hot next week so I think I will try and get out right after I walk and work on it daily through the week. I ended up coming in when I was done raking (3:30) and folding clothes from the dryer and putting in another load, emptying the dishwasher and putting out my fall decorations. I have a lot of glass pumpkins. I bought some things to make a fall wreath for the front door last year. But never got around to making it so I am going to dig that stuff out and find the directions for the wreath. I am now going to clean out the fridge, then go shopping for 5 days worth of juice, I have my shopping list all ready to go. I am going to give myself a short goal of 15 days and if all goes well I will extend the time. I plan to drink broth while I am juicing because juicing makes me cold and it is a good way to get in some electrolytes.

  • Kouzelna commented on The begining of the Fast

    Hey Rock, compelling story. Lot of sad news, I'm glad much of it is at least behind you at this point. I'm glad you have your kids too, it's really inspiring what you're doing, and how much you're trying to handle on your own. You're a real inspiration.

    I can't possibly encourage you enough: keep at it, the hunger WILL go away.

    Not just subside, but completely away. You will LOSE all interest in food. Juicing will be as natural to you every day as eating once was. You will forget completely about food, and when you see people eating you'll find yourself feeling sorry for them that they are not enjoying the freedom and exhilaration of juicing with you. I promise. I've done this countless times.

    Keep up with the group - it's the only thing that helps me keep at it, and is a place you can share tips and constantly improve your skills as a juicer. Doing it the right way first of all, and then finding little custom tricks that work for you specifically, makes all the difference. And if you make any mistakes, big or small... IMMEDIATELY correct yourself, and keep going. Don't quit, don't binge, don't get on your own case... just correct yourself, and move forward back on track.

    We're here for you. Keep asking questions so you can keep making improvements. Keep posting. If it gets to the place you feel it might help, and you can spring the cash, you can also join a Guided group. I've done a few and they are very helpful. You have access to a trained nutritionist who can help you make super custom adjustments to your specific situation, and I've found that alone is worth the cash. In the meantime, keep posting here - read through the group at least twice a day, if you can, it really helps keep you motivated.

    I'll post this on the group page as well.

  • Nora Calli commented on Colder than normal


    Im on day one with my husband and we are getting chills and just generally feel a lot colder than normal...

    Is this normal? Or did we get bad produce?


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