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    5 days ago in Can Juicing help with Fatty Liver/NASH ? by Zootal

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  • arianapham commented on 10 Day Juice Fast!

    Thank you for sharing such an informative post with us, it will beneficial for everyone, It is one of the best sites that I have visited. I am looking forward to read more blogs post from here. geometry dash

  • Tammy Jo commented on why Really Need buddies for Support?

    thank you for posting. I found inspiration in your posts. this is my first Reboot and I am currently on day 6 of 15 days. today was a good day. day 3-4 were difficult due to my body changing and not liking the high starch items. i am thankful i made it through those days. my wife is a wonderful cook and made a delicious dinner tonight. She said I inspired her to cook a cleaner meal, and include a large dose of veggies.

  • Tammy Jo commented on Starting Juice fast on May 18 2019 - On the Blue full moon

    Greetings Starshower. I like taking one day at a time and visualizing success in this journey. i would love help to keep my focus strong...

  • Leslie commented on why Really Need buddies for Support?

    BTW why are you posting spam here anyway?

  • Leslie commented on Leslie's Journey

    Good morning I started my juice cleanse yesterday. I got up and drank about 2 lbs of liquid before I weighed in so my weight was down a whopping 3.4 lbs so probably actually 1.4 lbs. Not bad for day 1. I made 3 juice recipes 2 in the morning 1 later in the day, after I decided to improvise on 1 recipe I planned and pick some kale for another as I doubled up on the Mean Green recipe so I would have 4 servings.

    I am involved in 2 events this year one is Run the Year, where you walk/run/bicycle the miles of each year, I started this 3 years ago so this is my 3rd year. I have improved in my milage, however this year I am behind last year due to traveling and weather. So far I have gone 1138.75 miles so 880.25 miles left to go. The other is the Amerithon where you virtually walk/run/bicycle across the United States. I started this in July as July 4 is the typical start date for the event. so far I have gone 2652.5 miles of 3521 miles so I have about 868.5 mile left to go. It looks like I will finish them both pretty close together!

  • Leslie commented on why Really Need buddies for Support?

    Why really need buddies for support? Many reasons! #1. Your spouse is not onboard with juicing so he/she has to cook their own meals while you juice and heshe makes meals (which he/she hates to do) and though heshe is a good cook the smells can be tempting when you are trying to juice, and I think it is his/her way of trying to entice you to give it up and go back to eating. #2. Having people who are supportive around you help to encourage you to do your best, or even better. Buddies encourage you when you are having a hard time, they read and respond to your posts. #3 Buddies may help answer your questions if you are new to a reboot. #4 Buddies may provide incite to something you are looking to change, such as add in exercise, or transition from juice to meals in a healthy way. #5. Buddies are people who may have experienced some of the problems that you are experiencing you and can provide ideas to support you through hard times, and cheer for you in good times. #6 Buddies can help you succeed and meet your goals.

  • Leslie commented on Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support

    Hi Buddies! Hope all is well with you, just wanted to check in I am on day 2 of a reboot down 1.4 lbs after the first day. Moving onward making juices and changing up recipes in order to use what I bought. Worked in the garden yesterday could not do much planted some kale hope the bugs didn't get it! put out all of the sunflowers to get some sun, (if it stops raining that is) Going to have to empty the kiddie pool which I have been using as a plant nursery while I was gone, and place it upside down where I want to plant the sunflower house as a measure. then it can go back to being a plant nursery until the sunflowers are a foot tall, if it has stopped raining by then!

    I have a lot of weeding to do around the property, yesterday I decided to get the compost pile in order, I had spread it out last year and so nothing really decomposed and my husband kept putting grass out on top of it all so grass grew in it so I pulled all of those weeds and piled it up about 4 feet high the rain last night today and tomorrow should get it cooking, I added in manure as well , so that should get things going. I plan to plant the pumpkins in the area I cleared, I saved room to turn the pile and once it gets to be a nice mulch I will put it around those pumpkin plants. And I plan to add it around the plants in the raised beds as well over the summer or even in the fall when I pull out the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and eggplant.

  • Leslie commented on Really Need buddies for Support

    Got the chart from DiAnn

  • Leslie commented on Really Need buddies for Support

    Today is Day 2 and I weighed in 3.4 lbs less than yesterday. and since I forgot to weigh in before I drank anything I believe I had 2 lbs of liquid on board at weigh in time so really down 1.4 lbs. I reconfigured my Yumi juice recipe to sub in a small butternut squash it tasted good. Onward to day 2 it is time for my first juice of the day!

  • Badjamin commented on Sneaky bananas aren't okay... are they?

    So this is my second juice only reboot and I'm 7 days in but I have been having a banana most days for a bit more energy and to keep my potassium up. Just wondering if anyone knows if this is likely to greatly hamper my results? A friend of mine has been doing the reboot and is regularly eating bananas and nuts so I guess i developed this from that.



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