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  • DreaM commented on 60 Day Reboot // Juicing Buddies

    Good afternoon Erica, how are you feeling today? Juice On!

  • DreaM commented on 60 Day Reboot // Juicing Buddies

    Good afternoon Rock, absolutely unbelievable.. After 5 days of juicing the mass in the back of my head has reduced by at least 50%! You have a whole army living in your house! Have you converted some of them into juicing? My 3 year old has been literally juicing most of my juices for me which has been quite helpful. He absolutely loves it! How are you feeling today? Speak soon, Drea

  • DreaM commented on 60 Day Reboot // Juicing Buddies

    Hey Elias, I am so glad that you are feeling better! What a great way to start the day. I personally definitely don't regret the ease-in that I did for this cleanse. 10 days of raw vegan food that had me lose 14 pounds and feeling fantastic. Hang in here, you are doing great! Speak soon, Drea

  • zeke8828 commented on Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support

    Well Leslie, must be healing up ur inner ear deal ...?

  • zeke8828 commented on Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support

    Sorry to hear about that. was there a Kristen in the group? Lot of awesome golf courses over in Maui.. never been there .. but i reckon it's okay.. i thought I already would have been there by now.. hard to believe it's a state.number 50 i think.

  • zeke8828 commented on Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support

    For gramtear2003,

    The Plus One Challenge is coming September 25. This free 5-day program challenges you to add one juice a day to your diet. Join this challenge along with the Best Self Summit to get charged up and ready to go this month.

    Mean Green in the pic!!

  • zeke8828 commented on Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support

    Hi Leslie, well, that explains all the flowers u like & gardening? Have u planned your visit to Amsterdam yet? a wee little country hooked on to Belgium ,north of France& Germany ..you know!! Windmills& tulips everywhere!! Princess Leslie! I often wonder why people left where they're from. All sorts of reasons I bet. I cannot help but think it was to go for it & make life better for themselves. Tough choice back hundreds of years ago. Heck, look at all the misplaced people from this year. Not all from Syria. I'm 50% Irish, 25% English, 25% German. whatever else is in there! My moms' cousin wrote a book& it goes back 300& something years..& he got stuck& cancer got him in his 60's. All i know to be born is a blessing in itself. Here we are juicing away!! or should be juicing more often.

    I tweaked a knee some how a week after i went to Orthopod about my bad knee. Man, it hurts so bad. I keep ice on it for 20 minutes ..it helps pain! but there is water all around my knee.. hard to to bear weight on it. I didn't go to swim aerobics last night cuz it was so bad.. to h with ER! One would think he would know how why his knee is hurting? Good day not to be in Puerto Rico. No electricity& just got hammered by hurricane Maria.

    It's July here in Ohio today 90 degrees& all the humidly to go along with it. I am finished rambling for now!! Oh yeah, more Ginger root!!

    Juice ON!!

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    Hey E2 Insiders!

    First off, let me say a big thank you to everyone who came out to the Farm this year for Plant-Stock. It was a Plant-Stock like no other, and having nearly 600 of our plant-strong community together for our “family reunion” was extremely special. We are also super pumped for next year - have you heard that we’re moving Plant-Stock to the mountains of North Carolina for 2018? Click here to get all the details on Camp Plant-Stock!

  • Elias Fenn commented on 60 Day Reboot // Juicing Buddies

    Hi Drea, things are going well today - started with juice and some fruit. I may have to do that for a while before thinking about going JO. But honestly even on my 2nd day I feel better than before.

  • Leslie commented on Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support

    Since I felt so unmotivated yesterday to do anything, I did force myself to get in the minimum daily walking goal of 5.56 miles and did a little walking while dinner was cooking in order to meet that goal. I spent a lot of time on the computer doing family research. My grandmother's family are Dutch and the Dutch kept great records. I traced back to a certain person and I had the first name misspelled. When I made the change, I had an instant match that brought me back 4 more generations to the 1500's. This ancestor was a prince in the Netherlands, hmm, royal blood. He is a direct line ancestor as well. I plan to work on the tree over the next couple of months and print out a tree and possibly a book once I get any issues resolved. Sometimes when you are researching a person to your family tree, you find 7 other people related to that person, and if you are not careful will add a person to your tree who is already there. I find I have to look for each person on my tree before I add them in, and if they are there already make notes to connect that particular person to the other later. Otherwise it can take hours to get extra people deleted off your tree. Well off to change and get to work outdoors. I am a little tired, however if I get one large area done today that will be great.

  • Leslie commented on Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support

    I went for a walk this morning and I actually had the energy to go around and over the mountain today, so I already have 11,100 steps in which translates to 5 miles. I am going to change my clothes now, because it was 50 degrees at the bottom of the hill and 61 at my house, an 11 degree difference in that 1/2 mile! It should be warmer and I need to go out and rake. I hope next week to spray pre-emergent on the iris beds. I also need to dig out the weeds that grew in the vegetable garden, and prepare the site where I plan to plant wildflowers for the bees next year. I have so much to do outside right now it is crazy!

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