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  • Clas1994 commented on Hot Juice?

    I completely understand you about missing hot food. My solution is also hot soup

  • cantlivelikethis commented on I am miserable.

    Hi. I just saw the documentary and figured I'd like to give it a shot, because I'm at the end of my rope. My doctor says she doesn't care how I do it, but that I need to lose a lot of weight and sooner rather than later. I'm a little over 100 lbs overweight (at 5'6"), I take meds for high blood pressure, I use a bipap for sleep apnea, I have a fatty liver, and I'm only 35.

    I already have anxiety, which leads to depression, which is most easily temporarily fixed with horrible food. When I'm active, I'm much less anxious, but it's hard to be active when you're this heavy. Here's the kicker: I'm on Coumadin, so I can't consume a ton of vitamin K and I have to eat a consistent amount every week (they told me the super vitamin K foods like kale definitely be avoided).

    I don't know the first thing about juicers to buy, what kinds of mixtures I need to be drinking daily, how often, when, or any of that. It seems very daunting - but I'm going to try because this might be my last hurrah. I can't keep going on waiting for a heart attack, or feeling like a fat slug, or with all the constant aches and pains all over my body that only came on after I gained weight.

    So any advice or input would be very appreciated. I'm going to do some research on here and I'm absolutely willing and able to do a 60 day trial with this because it really feels like the last bullet in the chamber and I need to make something happen.

  • piter commented on Hoping for supporters on the second journey

    Before knowing what the importance of Well Fargo Routing Number is, let us know about what Well Fargo and Well Fargo Routing Numbers are.

    Wells Fargo Routing Number

  • zeke8828 commented on Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support

    Hey gramtear2003 have u had a Chicago hot dog yet this summer , just wondering?

    Happy 3rd Birthday Wyatt!!

    Juice ON!!

  • Soose commented on Starting a juice fast

    SnazzyCazzie, great advice, thanks! Come join us on one of the other groups.

  • freedomtobe commented on Abdominal fat

    I released 7-8 pounds in 9 days of this juice fast (even though I also added bone broth last few days), which is great. However my thighs and arms are getting thinner, but not my abdominal area, which is much more important as this fat is a dangerous fat around the organs. Extra fat in other places is actually a good thing as people with healthier fat type actually live longer than very thin people.

    How do I go about it? Do I reduce/eliminate sweet fruit from my juices or there are specific juices that clean out abdominal area fat?

  • freedomtobe commented on Still with hive outbreaks?

    I am not nutritionist, but I have a suggestion, that I use often -niacin (B group vitamin). I used it to stop migraine attacks, and it works amazingly well. I take 500 mg, but some people need more. Anyway, it actually causes temporary hives as it brings histamine out, and since histamines are a problem for migreneuers, it works nicely. Flushing is not pleasant experience, but it doesn't last more than an hour or max two. If you use it, you might get lots of hives at first (since I normally do not even have them and still get lots on various parts of the body), but I think it will be helpful, and they go away quickly. Maybe start with smaller amount than 500 mg at first since it can be intense. Also, if you have access to sauna, that would help, if not, just take a shower about half an hour into the flushing.

  • freedomtobe commented on SHOW MY JUICING SETUP

    Pretty cool. It would also work as herbal tincture press. Now I am using potato ricer and a small bag I made myself from linen fabric for the tinctures.

  • snazzycazzie commented on Starting a juice fast

    Hi there, I'm on day 3 of my first real juice fast. (I did a 5-dayer earlier in the year, just to see if I could stick to it.) I quickly remembered my biggest lesson for myself, perhaps it could be a tip for others. Don't allow yourself to get hungry. Ever! The moment you feel a hunger pang approaching, get up and either grab or prepare your next juice without delay. Because 20 minutes after that first pang is when you'll find any excuse to give in and give up. All reason goes out of the window. As soon as you're sipping on that next juice the world feels like a different place again, one where you can succeed. Also congratulate yourself on every juice, because each one is a massive achievement. Baby steps.

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