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  • Nutritionist Newbie

    Started by Angel, Last reply by free2juice1 on 2013-04-20 10:55:04

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    First time ever doing reboot, but saw a guy transformed its like he lost weight and years - he looked 10 years younger....

    Also a nutritionist (know what to do) but 'Physician heal yourself' is catchphrase for a reason.

    Blessings everyone.

  • JOIN ME! Nutritionist starting 15 day Reboot on May 19th

    Started by Angel, Last reply by lizerdmama on 2013-05-21 13:14:59

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    Hi, My name is Angel. I want to do a 15 day reboot because I tried the 30 day and did not do too well. I did the 5 day intro (when you can eat) which was relatively easy for me, But the juicing part was difficult, partly because I was panicking about not eating again (have used food for emotional eating), but I did last for 3 days. As Joe Cross said if you only manage x days 'good for you for trying'. So this is my second attempt.

    I have to say when doing the juicing, my thoughts became really clear and organised, my mood was calm and serene. I loved that. I have done a water fast for two days and I really obsessed about food, but juicing is quite different because you have nutrients come in that satisfy the brain and help with some of the cravings.

    Although I am a nutritionist and have helped people successfully follow many therapeutic diets, I have let my own health slip by working too late at night, being in front of the computer all the time...etc (late night means hunger, and computer results in mindless snacking). So whoever wants to come along and join. I will be juicing from Day 1 (19th of May). But if you want to follow the 15 day plan where you begin with eating, please do.

    Although I practice advanced functional nutrition, my aim is not to be a guru here, it is just to have a journey in community with others who want to experience the journey and to grow.....

    After all it is not perfection...just progress...

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