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  • 30-Day-Challenge

    4 months ago

    I give you all kudos who can juice for 30-60 days! I felt I gave it my all, and lasted for 7 days. I am still happy with what I did. And doing my best to stick to a healthy diet with lots of vegetables. Still have a long way to go, and lots of weight to lose. This is only the beginning.

  • 30-Day-Challenge

    5 months ago

    Today is day 5 and so far so good. Felt a bit fatigued and weak today, but that has passed. Hunger is not as bad as yesterday. I won't lie though, I want to eat food! But NO WAY! Happy Juicing!

  • 30-Day-Challenge

    5 months ago

    I am feeling very encouraged today. It is day 4 and I only needed medicine twice today, instead of 3 times. (I am putting this here for journal purposes, (hope that is okay) Love not having to write things down! My goal is to take it zero times daily asap.

  • 30-Day-Challenge

    5 months ago

    Today is Day 4. Last night I seemed to have a surge of good energy and mood, so that was awesome! Today is not bad, however, I really need to get off of my one medication that I take. I'm doing this for weight loss and to detoxify my liver. (i.e. for good health) My liver tests all came out good, so I do not have liver disease of any kind. I just want to cleanse it from not being so kind to it for many years. I hope I quote this correctly, but according to the Gerson Therapy, (this is only for cancer patients or patients who feel they have toxins in their livers) doing a juice fast helps to fight disease internally, in the organs, etc and she recommends doing things like castor oil or coffee enemas to detoxify the liver. She believes that while the juice helps to destroy disease in the body, it can also overload the liver with more toxins that need to be eliminated. I am just simply sharing this in case anyone else is doing a liver detox. I plan on starting a work out regime very soon. Was supposed to be today, but focused more on getting off this medication. Happy Juicing!

  • 30-Day-Challenge

    5 months ago

    I forgot to add that I have been eating about 3 tablespoons of fermented sauerkraut to my juicing fast. This is a good time since I am off the sugar and refined carbohydrates. I bought mine from Whole Foods, but they sell it at Kroger too. It is called Bubbies. Delicious too! It is loaded with millions or trillions of good and healthy bacteria, and a super powerful Probiotic. Just wanted to pass on the info. Happy Juicing!

  • 30-Day-Challenge

    5 months ago

    Today is Day 3. I woke up feeling very tired and nauseated. It was difficult getting juice down. So far, today is the most difficult day by leaps and bounds. But I am not caving. No way. I am so ready to get this blubber off my body. I have GOT to do this, no matter how difficult it is. Question: Is Day 4 usually the day it gets easier for everyone? More energy, less hunger, etc.?

    I know this is TMI, but does anyone else experience this? I am constantly spitting up phlegm and mucus. It is a good thing, I know. If it doesn't belong in my stomach or body, please, just come out! Exit the premises!

  • 30-Day-Challenge

    5 months ago

    Today is Day 2 of my juicing fast. Yesterday (Day 1) went very well. I sat at the dinner table with my family and it did not bother me a bit. I barely felt hungry all day. This morning I woke up and was not hungry at all. However, the hunger is really setting in now. But thank you, Joe, for being such a major inspiration in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Because I keep thinking of how you conquered this and gained amazing health and weight loss. I am not ready to give up! The prize at the end of this thing will be so worth it! All I can think about is SKINNY JEANS!


  • I need weight loss support!

    Started by 30-Day-Challenge, Last reply by MissTee75 on 2017-02-24 11:53:48

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    Any juicing or juiced for 30 days?

  • Day 1

    Started by 30-Day-Challenge, Last reply by Vona37ish on 2017-01-24 14:05:54

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  • Medications

    Started by 30-Day-Challenge, Last reply by 30-Day-Challenge on 2017-01-25 14:40:31

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    Can the juicing interfere?

  • Good Attitude

    Started by 30-Day-Challenge, Last reply by 30-Day-Challenge on 2017-01-26 08:49:45

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    Equals Strength

  • Please forward to Joe

    Started by 30-Day-Challenge, Last reply by Gillc1971 on 2017-02-13 12:19:58

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    Thank you!


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