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  • Terry

    3 hours ago

    HEY JOE CROSS - I just finished one of the 30 Day Guided Reboots and lost around 60 lbs. I am very happy with the results so far, but I still have quite a way to go.

    I have joined the groups "Say Goodbye to 100 lbs or More" and the "Sunshine Club" and one recurring theme I read is the fact that a lot of people "add it back" then get back up and lose it again only to "add it back" once more. Definitely shows determination and courage on their part, but surely with all of the information you have gathered from all of the Rebooters out there, you can piece together a "program" to help people keep it off. I can tell you from my limited experience with the 30-Day Guided Reboot that there were a few things that helped keep me going:

    1. The weekly webinars: I did not want to cheat before I got on a webinar with other people.

    2. The nutritionist: The "technical" information gave me something to think about and consider during the week that kept my "food intake" front and center in my mind.

    3. The group dynamic: Doing it with a group helps. However, I am not a natural "poster" and it still seems a little impersonal.

    4. Shopping & Preparation: Again, the activity kept my "diet" front and center in my mind. 30 days is not enough to develop a new habit, so constantly thinking about what I had to do keeps me from unconsciously reaching for something bad for me.

    I am sure there are other scientific ways to make this happen and help people build new healthy habits. I get very upset when I hear about someone who successfully makes it through a difficult program like Reboot or any other program like it and then fall back into old habits. You said it yourself, the HARD part is keeping it off. An extended transition and ongoing program until people could ingrain new habits would be very helpful and from a business perspective would result in recurring revenue from a lot of people who think highly of your brand. Maybe a tie in with Weight Watchers (including Oprah) or with one of the food service companies (e.g. Blue Apron). Or better yet, creating groups better than these on your own. If you want, I would be happy to do a trial for you in the Atlanta area.

    I am one of those people I have described who has a problem with my weight. I have advanced degrees, have traveled the world, run triathlons, have worked with some of the top companies in the world and still cannot control my own body. This is just a shot in the dark, but from what I am reading in the posts and have seen in life, something like I described above, assuming it is successful, is not only needed, but would be a major godsend.

    Taking a shot in the dark,


  • GinaP

    4 hours ago

    What I'm learning about myself during this reboot!

    Just returned from my Nashville trip. I had a great time. Before I left, I had done 2 weeks of just juice, and a week of juice & plant based foods. Then I went out of town. Planned to give myself 2 'cheats' I took more than that but also had some victories

    First my cheats…

    1 -I had halibut for dinner - it was very good! So tender and flakey 2 -I was so hungry one afternoon and had a spinach salad with salmon, not many choices on the menu that were vegetarian and I was so hungry! ¾ -I enjoyed my Hot Chicken at Hattie Bs I ordered ½ a chicken, came with 2 large pieces of delicious chicken. I filled up fast and only had 1 piece, that was a big victory! I drank a beer with it, and had a glass of wine a little later. 5 -At the airport on the way home I had tuna noodle salad again very hungry.

    So I learned that I can have self control, I can stop when I've had enough, and the stop signal is clear if I listen. I also learned that the after effects of eating fried chicken really aren't worth the 10-15 minutes of joy of eating that again! I had an overwhelming feeling of tiredness a foggy brain, and a strong desire to sleep! Then the acid reflux kicked in…. burning and fear of throwing up, and several doses of homeopathic remedy, Nux Vomica to combat the acid. Then the sluggish digestion, edema, and headache the next morning! All that for a piece of fried chicken….? I don't think I want to do that again anytime soon! Lesson learned and will be remembered.

    My victories

    I was afraid I'd not find what I needed to stay successful, worried I'd feel left out when everyone else had 'good stuff' well- I went to 2 steak houses with the group we were with, and every person ordered a delicious smelling steak, I'm talking ribeye, filet… all cooked perfectly- and I enjoyed grilled asparagus & salad. It was delicious had the grilled taste, and the smells of the steaks were calorie free! The 'Green plate' on the menu had NO greens! It was farrow & cheese! When I told the waitress I was trying to eat healthily she really helped me out! And at a second place another waitress helped me then too! They understand and are willing to help , I tipped well to show my gratitude. I found my juice bar, and enjoyed the 'juice cleanse' 6 pack they sold, and I had the hotel bring in an extra mini fridge (one without all the booze & treats), so I had juice before most of our lunch and dinners out! Then I wasn't as hungry and had more self control! I also paced myself. I felt very tired & weak still, when we arrived, and just decided to get out and walk and do what I could. I rested when I needed to and was rewarded with an increase in strength. When we went to bars I ordered water with lemon. Another victory- this one was big!! Last time I went on a plane I was so embarrassed that I couldn't buckle the seat belt! It was too small for me! I was easily able to do that this time and even had a bit if room left to tighten it up!! I felt light and bright in my spirit, and even had 2 men call me beautiful After the chicken I didn't feel very light and bright, so I'm motivated to get that back pretty quickly- back to it today!

    So I'm feeling more like this is really going to be a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix to drop a few lbs. and I feel like I can do this! When the thoughts came up.. 'well I've already had fried chicken earlier, so why not have caramel bread pudding now, and just restart tomorrow…' I shut that right down and got in touch with my body, what did I really want? Ended up I wanted water! These are old nudges I shut down a long time ago. So I'm learning to listen to my body and really get in touch with what I really want/need. I'd say I enjoyed my cheats, and learned from them, and feel ready for the next round of juicing

    I Hope it's going well for you! :)


  • TEB

    23 hours ago

    Hi everyone,

    I'm starting my cleanse today. I've juiced before (the longest being 4 weeks) but never truly committed. This time I need to make the change as I have noticed my heath start to deteriorate as I've become more negligent on my wellbeing. Day 1 has gone well but I know that the detox symptoms will appear either tomorrow or the day after. I, like many others I've noticed, feel I need the accountability and just somewhere I can write/discuss how I am finding my journey, whilst helping others with theirs. Bring on day 2!

  • WendyHurts

    2 days ago

    Hello everyone!

    I am so sorry I've been MIA for the last two weeks. Things have gotten hectic over the past week, since Easter Sunday actually. We fully intended to go back on a ten day juice fast on Monday, but after a full day of cooking dinner and hand washing all of those dishes, I was in no condition to get to the market. Fast forward to Thursday morning, we were planning on a trip to the market to stock up for the weekend when my mom woke me with a phone call. She had slid out of her bed onto the floor, so we piled into the car to attempt to pick her up. After we didn't get her more than 2 inches off the floor, we called the paramedics to come lift her. They sat her in her wheelchair and everything was okay...

    Or so we thought. Hubby and I were getting ready to head to the market but as promised we checked in on Mom. She was complaining of pain in her foot and she couldn't bear weight on it. I told her I couldn't leave her like that, and because she couldn't stand we called the ambulance again and they transported her to the ER for X-rays. Long story short, her ankle is broken on both sides, the joint is very unstable and the bones thin, so that if she were to put any weight on it at all, the bones would break through and destroy the joint. Not great news for a little 88 year old lady who lived alone. From ambulance ride to admission to a room, we were at the ER from 3pm to 10:30pm. Needless to say, we never made the market.

    Mom will not be able to return home again. I am going crazy nuts trying to make long term arrangements for her, all the while figuring out how much Medicare will or won't cover. Her preferred facility has a previous balance of almost $900, which hubby and I will need to pay before they will admit her tomorrow. I will also lose my "income" ... it's not really income, per se, but she gave me money to care for her. It wasn't much, but she couldn't have afforded a full time caregiver like she needed, and I was close by and ready at her disposal.

    With everything going on, and our financial future in an uproar, our juicing journey will most likely take a back seat. Our savings account will take a huge, unexpected hit tomorrow morning that we really can't afford but we're willing to do for her because of all she has sacrificed for me over the years. Our grocery budget will be a fraction of what it has been, but luckily the market should keep us in relatively cheap veggies and fruits all summer long, until I can find work to supplement my disability income. Hubby absolutely cannot work, so I can't count on his participation in the labor force.

    I didn't mean to write a book, but just update what's been going on for the past week. If you're the praying type, we sure could use some prayers. We knew this would come eventually, but hoped she would have been able to stay in her home longer than this.

    Well, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Juice on my friends, and think of me when you do!


  • Robin

    1 day ago

    Wendy, I just happened upon your post while I was checking some old groups I use to frequent. I am so sorry for all your trouble and your poor mom's situation. I can tell by your post you are a very good and caring daughter. I am the praying type and believe in the power of prayer. God bless you Wendy.

  • Johnny Bum

    38 minutes ago

    Hi Wendy, I read your post about your Mom. My parents are both 85, and your post gave me a little glimpse into what to expect over the next months, or years. I'll pray for you, although I'm a little out of practice.

  • Terry

    3 days ago

    Just finished my 30 Day Guided Reboot. I have lost a total of 59 lbs. since I started and my blood chemistry is moving in the right direction. I am confident that I will hit my 200 lb goal before the end of the year.

    I am going to take 3 days off to handle a few cravings and learn to chew again and them I am going to hit it for another 30 days. I would love to see at least another 30 lbs come off during this time. Then on to the next phase.

    I am looking forward to becoming a regular poster. Talk to you guys next week and have a great weekend.


  • GinaP

    3 days ago

    Wow congrats on your accomplishment that's really great. Sounds like a good plan! Enjoy eating again for a few days!

  • Frantastic

    3 days ago

    Day 1 for me and your post is amazing and let's me know I'm doing the right thing. Congratulations!!

  • Mjpom3

    4 days ago

    Hi I'm Missy! It's been awhile since I've been on this site. From august to December I juiced. I did slip up here and there but lost a total of 41lbs. Over the last 4 months I have went back to bad eating habits and have gained about 10lbs back.

    I have 65lbs left to lose to hit my weight loss goal!

    Here is to being back on track and a wonderful support group I can come to!

  • GinaP

    4 days ago

    Glad you're back! Sounds like your're motivated. I'look for you on here- love your sunflower

  • Mjpom3

    4 days ago

    Thank you Gina! I was very motivated when I lost those 40lbs by juicing. and then i took a long vacation the week after was holiday season and i just never got back to juicing i would here and there but not a total juice fast like i was. After seeing the scale go up more than i wanted i said it is time to start again and get to be where i want.

    I saw your other post, people eating in front of me is the hardest part. 5 months ago i was able to get to the point anyone could eat anything in front of me and i just enjoyed my juice. ill get back to that point just have to have some will power and train your brain to say GOALS GOALS GOALS!!!

    Thank you, Sunflowers are my favorite :)

  • Maddogcupcake

    5 days ago

    Day 60 is tomorrow and it looks like my weight loss will be 40 lbs (started at 264 lbs). At one point I had a long weight loss plateau and wondered if I would even lose 30 lbs, but the scale is on the move again! In fact, although last week I was CRAZY READY to get to the end of the fast, I might extend it to an 80 day fast. This will then give me 30 days to very slowly come off the fast before my birthday. We'll see!!! Meanwhile I've had to prepare some food recently, including baking a chocolate peanut butter Oreo cake. I realized that I am so lucky in that I haven't had to prepare food for others during most of my fast. To you juice crusaders who are doing the fast and still preparing meals for your family - YOU ARE NO MERE MORTALS! YOU ARE TITANS!

  • GinaP

    5 days ago

    Wow 60 days! That's really great! Congrats on your perseverance especially thru a plateau. Way to go!

    I have struggled big time preparing meals for my family, but have found a big Cheerleader in my daug

  • GinaP

    1 week ago

    Hi everyone, hope you're all well!?

    I'm hanging in there! I did alright Sunday, and have started eating plant based food for dinner while juicing only during the day. So far so good. I'm going out of town tomorrow, and I really want to stick to it! There is a juice bar 2 blocks from my hotel so I plan to utilize it! I'm a bit afraid of being stuck without healthy food/juice, and blowing it!

    Mentally I'm determined. But boy did a lot of stuff come up when I made the transition back to adding food. I found I was really worried about blowing it, eating too much, not having self-control!! After 2 weeks I couldn't believe how safe it felt to only have juice and not worry about food choices. On the positive note.. everything I've eaten so far has tasted so good! Cucumbers - were awesome!, tomatoes and spinach really had lots of flavor. I've been eating slowly and just savoring the tastes! And I've noticed so little food actually fills me up. My plan is to have juice only until dinner than eat plant based foods only for evening meal. I plan to alternate this off and on with weeks of juicing only for a while.

    I had to jump on the scale cuz I'm dropping weigh so quickly - I lost over 20Lbs in 15 days! pretty pumped! No more weigh ins for me till May - I'm not going to be a slave to the scale like I have in the past! My focus is on being healthy and learning to do this right.

    Hang in there everyone!

    Juice on!!


  • Maddogcupcake

    5 days ago

    Great job, Gina! Your juice / eating plan sounds great. Good idea to ignore the scale! That also helped me.

  • eebz2000

    1 week ago

    Guess I'm back!

    Tried to go it alone, with various levels of success, but I think I need the accountability.

    Also need to accept the fact that it will have to be juice only, as I have found that incorporating smoothies never allows me to get over the hunger hump.

    Huge life change coming next month, and the energy and clarity that this will give will allow me to be able to grab the opportunity, as opposed to just falling into it.

    Speak soon.

  • Maddogcupcake

    5 days ago

    I'm at the tail end of a 60 day juice only fast and I can say that my hunger has never gone away. But I ignore it and move on to the next day. Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming about eating junk food, but I try to shut it down & not dwell on those thoughts. Even if you do drink smoothies or eat clean food, you're sure to get healthier and lose weight. Good luck and juice on!

  • Sick'n'Tired

    1 week ago

    Week 6, Day 4 of the elimination diet and.... (drum roll please)

    I started walking everyday. That made a huge difference in my progress. I am 1.4 lbs. away from 40 lbs. lost. I keep visualizing what 40 lbs. of butter would look and feel like if I were trying to carry it.

    I have been finding some great dog parks to take the dogs. Yesterday we went to a 25 acre dog park in Oshawa, Ontario. It was a forest with a river running through it. The dogs loved it and I got quite the work out walking up and down the trail. This will give you an idea

    I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend with family and friends. Keep up the great work and keep on keeping on.

  • GinaP

    1 week ago

    Congrats! Thanks for your positive comments and for sharing your accomplishments - very inspiring. ????

  • amie

    1 week ago awesome !

  • silvervega

    1 week ago

    That's awesome!. Thanks for sharing.

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