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  • SDhandler

    14 hours ago

    DAY 1 (4th 10 day challenge) Welcome Anne! Great to have another friend in the group!

    I have a slight cold at the moment. I think blowing my nose is going to cause more weight loss with every blow.

    Increased Fitness Walking from 3 miles per walk to 4.5 miles per walk. That will increase mileage by 3 miles per day to a total of 9miles.

    My first issue of Runner's World came today. It has been over 24 years since I read Runner's World.

    I planted my first seeds. Two pumpkin seeds in 4 ounce Mason Jelly Jar. Then after squeezing a lemon I added some seeds to some more jars. No idea what will happen, but we will see. Maybe garden will get done in time for transplant. Looking for some Facebook groups on gardening.

    I look back over the last 30 days of blending and 6 days of trying new meals (My mad scientist moments) and I have to say that my life is completely different from where it was 36 days ago. Down 41 Pounds. Went from Size 52 waist in jeans to 46. No Caffeine, No Alcohol, Estimated 54 Gallons of water consumed, 200 Miles of Fitness Walking. More time outdoors than I have had in 25 years. New hobbies started and a glimmer of hope that I may jog in a few upcoming street runs.

    Thank You my friends for helping me make this happen! Thank You for including me in your journey.

    Back to the plan!

  • WendyHurts

    14 hours ago

    Well done, my friend! Stories like yours inspire me to keep going, even when the days are rough and I'm feeling emotional. Seventeen pounds later for me is feeling good, and my first twenty pound benchmark is coming up!

    Thank you for including us in your journey! I am honored.


  • WendyHurts

    1 day ago

    @Anne - Welcome! Congrats on your success with your reboot! It's always so exciting to put clothes on that haven't fit in a long time and suddenly (well, not entirely suddenly) they do! I wish you all the best withy your mom. We lost my dad to Alzheimer's 10 years ago next month. It's a rough disease to witness.

    @SDHandler - we don't have room for a garden in a little apartment, but I have an EarthBox I am going to plant this year with some fresh herbs. iIf I could grow an apple tree, I might do that! What I spend on apples every week is criminal. :)

    @Tammy - I'm happy to read you are finally feeling better, and are getting your voice back. I sure wish we could switch his doctor but we are afraid we might someone worse at the VA Clinic. We can't afford private insurance right now, either, so I'm afraid he is stuck.

    Today was a rough day for me emotionally. Pain is back with a vengeance, though we did have a cold front move through earlier, and I'm sure it didn't help. I'm just so sick and tired of hurting all the flipping time. Surely there has to be a cure for this somewhere, but probably not one that I would use anyway. I'm beginning to think naturally about treatments and "cures" for what ails me. I just hope that his pain will go away soon. I'm at my wits end with it. Good news, though. Despite wanting something other than juice today, I stayed with it. Sometimes, I don't think I give myself enough credit for being strong.

    I'm out for the night. Blessings!

  • texanne

    1 day ago

    Hi All, Anne in Austin here :) I am on day 42 of a (planned) 60 day reboot. So far I have dumped 35.4 pounds! I was really excited to get into a pair of jeans today that I had not worn in over a year. Woot! I have a hubby of 30 years, 2 daughters (18 and 24), 2 dogs and 2 bunnies. My mother, with early stage Alzheimer's, lives next door and I cook for the entire crew every day. Strangely, I have been able to transfer my obsession with eating to an obsession with finding recipes online to keep the hungry troops happy and fed. I hope to lose about 110-120 pounds over the next year to 18 months. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes on my 50th birthday almost 3 years ago. While juicing, I have had no medications for it and still have wonderful numbers. It took about a week for things to settle in, but it has been smooth sailing most of the time.

    I haven't started exercising yet, but plan to start in the next couple of weeks. I have to be in shape for a 10 day study tour to England that I take with my British Literature students every May. We walk about 6-7 miles per day while there, so preparation isn't optional :P

    Also, dirty little secret -- I hate Kale and Swiss Chard...and all 'greens' (collard, mustard, weeds, etc...) The only dark leafy thing to pass my lips is spinach.

    SDhandler - I bought my starter veggie plants for the garden this week :) The weather here in Austin has been ridiculous this winter to speak of and we are now headed into an early spring. I love plants! Sounds like you have quite a garden planned. Good luck :)

    Hope to be here often over the next year of so! Happy juicing, y'all :) -- Anne

  • SDhandler

    1 day ago

    DAY 12 (3rd 10 day challenge) YEA! TAMMY IS Alive N Kickin! "trapezius muscle?" I don't think I let my chiropractor touch that muscle. Sounds personal. ROFL. Oooooo Shoulder muscle. Gotcha. hehe

    Anyone Garden?

    Finally have some nice weather here. Its time to start planning the backyard for gardening. I have room for 12 garden boxes with the dimensions of 4'x6'x2' LXWXD. I need to call the local railroad yard on outskirts of town and ask them for used railroad ties. Then I need to order top soil. 576 cubic feet of top soil is what

    I went looking for seeds and discovered they have regular and organic seeds. Easy which to get. Now I need to figure out how to best use the garden beds. No idea yet what the yields will be. With the local farmers market open every weekend, I can sell the extra produce. More research to do!

    Everyone have a great day!

  • K Marie

    13 hours ago

    I encourage you NOT to use railroad ties for a garden box unless you commit to lining the bed. They are covered in creosote and it is toxic. You don't want that leeching into your beautiful veggies!!

  • Sick'n'Tired

    2 days ago

    Day 39 and I am finally starting to feel better. I am starting to get my voice back... yay! Still a little squeaky but it's working. Have you ever been so sick you thought you weren't going to get better? Usually I get sick and around Day 5 I am turning the corner. This virus took 12 days to turn the corner. I suspect by Sunday I should be back to 100%.

    I have been seeing a Chiropractor and Massage Therapist because I found my trapezius muscle was really tight and it felt like my shoulder was locking in place without a full range of movement. Now that this virus has taken the hint and pack his bags, I hope to get my shoulder/upper back issue sorted.

    I gained 5 lbs... So I am back up to 240 lbs. I am not too concerned about it because the last 2 weeks were a write off. I am just going to start focusing again and be mindful of what I am eating. I got to the gym tonight, so that was a good start.

    Wendy, your hubby's doctor sounds like mine. I have had my doctor for about 30 years. Before I switch I am going to make sure my new doctor will work with me on diet. I found a lady doctor from the Caribbean during the time I was sick. I loved her spirit and attitude. Unfortunately, she was not practicing close to where I live, but she agreed with me that I should check my thyroid levels more than once per year and that perhaps I don't have to take medication all the time. I asked her why she wasn't practicing here? Anyway, I am just biding my time waiting for the right doctor and then I am switching.

    SD Handler, you and I are in the same boat. We have both gone up. It's OK. I get it about the mood thing. These past 2 weeks were very challenging for me to even care about what to put in my mouth. I actually went out for pupusas and ate 2 of them. I had them "con toda" meaning with everything, including greasy bacon. They were delicious and I am sure contributed to why I went up 5 lbs. I may try another 5 day fast starting Monday, just to get me back on track. I have all weekend to prepare myself. That 5 lbs will melt off in no time.

    West Texas Girl, wishing you all the success on your 60 day. You experiences will be encouraging. Onward and upward!

    My favorite line reading through everyone's posts was:

    "We spit Kale, and snap carrots with our bare fingers!. We dream big in the gentleman's group! "

    I got a good belly laugh out of that.

  • WendyHurts

    2 days ago

    Day 9 & 10 - Yesterday, I was exhausted. Too much running and not sleeping finally caught up with me. I went to lay down at 4:30 for a nap, and didn't get up until this morning. But today I'm refreshed! The scale shows one more pound released (Thank you Rick for that terminology. "Lost" has a negative connotation, because when you lose something, it's not usually a good thing!) So the total is 15.4 pounds. Color me a happy camper!

    Other than what I wrote yesterday before I fell asleep, there is nothing to catch you guys up on for today. So I'll check back in later on, before "game night" starts. Yippee!



  • SDhandler

    2 days ago

    DAY 11 (3rd 10 day challenge) Scale today went up 2 pounds. Could have been I just had some extra water on me, but I didn't like seeing an increase. So these two days I have off to make healthy decisions will be extra controlled. I went ahead and did morning blending. I am thinking a salad tonight. Staying away from things I found did not work on the other days off. Salted nuts, cottage cheese, bread. I might even just make this the only day off and get right back to start 4th 10 day challenge.

    I have 3 big victories coming up. The 299 scale victory. Never to see 300 on scale. Then the 3 bowling loss victory that comes at 298 on scale. Then the 50 pounds lost victory at 292. Exciting to see my brain more interested in the victories than focused on food.

    Lets see those posts today folks! This is going to be a great weekend coming up!

  • SDhandler

    3 days ago

    You bet Wendy. Let John know that many military men are over here! We want results not alot of talk of what might come. That is why this Joe Cross is perfect for us past active duty members! Not to mention green goes with the Camo! I will also add it taste better than an MRE! Have a great day!

  • Yeager

    3 days ago

    Some of the modern MREs are pretty tasty. They beat the stuffings out of the MREs from the 80s (aka foam). Juice is so much better for us than MREs with all of those chemicals.



  • SDhandler

    3 days ago

    DAY 10 (3rd 10 day challenge) I have to say that yesterday was a challenge. My mood was off, and I was not a happy camper. I was thinking to myself, "remember back when you first started how excited you were?" What was different? So I put on Joe Cross video on Netflix and watched it again. That fixed mood to a great extent. IT took some effort to go through the list of great accomplishments that happened in the last month and find any negatives.

    Wendy, I read your post on hubby's doctor. I like to share my doctors experience. For the last two decades I have gone to a few family doctors. I tell them all my symptoms and I get the same stupid answer that there is no clear way to tell what is causing the problems. They give lots of tests with no clear results. NEVER once did any of my doctors tell me I was morbidly obese and I needed to loose weight. Not one of my doctors asked about my diet, made suggestions. They walked in checked my heart, tapped a knee, wrote a script, and out of the room in under ten minutes. Every doctor I switch too has the same style practice. They call it Doc-In-A-Box.

    When I read in your post that the doctor said it look like your husband was fasting I had to laugh. Your husband probably does not have a fat full moon face that is swollen. The skin is shrinking to adjust to the great changes taking place under the skin. It is interesting that the doctor was not fast to comment to your husband to slow down on over eating which was killing him, but fast to slow down doing a program that saves his life. If it was me, I would ask the doctor to schedule the same list of tests he always does when there is an issue and compare the stats. GOOD TO YOU WENDY and WENDY's HUBBY!

    I wanted to be fair to the doctor. So I looked up how many people died in 2016 in the US due to eating vegetables.

    614,000 heart disease. 591,000 Cancer, 147,000 lower respiratory disease, 136,000 Accidents, 133,000 Stroke, 76,000 diabetes.......Eating Fruits and Vegetables......0.

    Which makes me think, Perhaps Wendy's hubby could join the gentleman juicer group! Be great to have another man over there. We talk manly crap. We spit Kale, and snap carrots with our bare fingers!. We dream big in the gentleman's group! We think what it would be like to take the juicer apart, how many pieces there are, how to test the circuit board. Yea we're manly men juicers over there! Rah!

    Well I am off for another successful day full of veggies. Tammy Were you be this morning?

  • WendyHurts

    3 days ago

    I have to say, I love "Doc-In-A-Box"!!!

    Holy cow, the difference between my visit and his was day and night. My doctor actually does juicing, not to this extent but he is very familiar with it. When I told him this was what I wanted to do, he was all in with me. He was very pleased with my glucose numbers, and tickled pink about my weight loss. I told him that depending on how I feel, and if he approves I'd like to go for 60 days total, and he didn't pooh-pooh the idea. He took some blood to check electrolytes and some other stats, but he was fairly confident that I was getting enough electrolytes with the juices I'm consuming. He looked through my journal and gave me the thumbs up. I wish my hubby (whose name is John, but I hardly ever refer to him as John on any type of social media or my blog) could see my doctor, but until they make the VA private sector, he's stuck with the government docs. At the doc's office, I was down 11 pounds, but at home I was 14.4 pounds lower. Almost a bowling ball, and just about the weight of a large bag of dog food. I can handle this!

    We came home from the doctor's office and I snapped right into gear making breakfast juice (carrot-apple-ginger-spinach-sweet potato) and a batch of Mean Green, with two apples, 1/4 of a small pineapple and one pear. I haven't tried this batch yet, but I'm getting fairly consistent with flavor.

    I tried to encourage hubby to join this website to meet new people and find support, but he said he'd pass on the offer. If he changes his mind, though, I'll direct him right over to Gentlemen Juicers! Speaking of spitting kale, when I brushed my teeth yesterday, a big glob of green came out when I spit. I chuckled. Yep, I'm going green and getting healthy!

    I'll check in later. I need to start some laundry.


  • WendyHurts

    4 days ago

    Day 8 - Glad that sucker is over. Hubby's doctor appointment didn't go so well. His doctor flipped out and tried every scare tactic he knew to try to get him to say he'd stop juicing. He even went so far as to say he looked like he was fasting.. Exactly how does one look when they are fasting? I know he meant pale, but I don't think he looks pale at all. In fact, he has better color now than he has in awhile. And he looked right at me, knowing I've been doing this too, and did not say one word about me looking like I was fasting. Then he warned the electrolytes could be off, and it could damage his liver, and just went on about how it wasn't safe. Such a stark difference from what I got from my doctor before I started.

    I was so upset about his appointment that I almost blew my fast... but I quickly rethought it and didn't do it. I'm an emotional/stress eater, and I was very stressed out this afternoon. It would have been so easy, and it was a total junk food I was after. But I know I would have kicked myself, not to mention, I probably would have been sick from it. Instead, I was going to go get a bottle of kombucha, but they didn't have anything that sounded good. So I headed home with my spices in hand. Now, my task is to go make some broth overnight in my crockpot. Hopefully, this one will taste much better than the last two.

    I'll update tomorrow after my appointment. It should be much better than today. I hope everyone had a good day, and will have a good tomorrow!

    Good night friends :)

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