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  • msdeeme

    3 weeks ago

    ****if you need help to learn how to eat after you stop juicing and need to change your eating habits...LOOK on YT - THE DOMESTIC GEEK...THIS will change your life and help you with meal planning ...take notes, you won't be SORRY....

    take the time to learn and you will have the tools to continue in your efforts*****

  • msdeeme

    3 weeks ago

    okay...okay update...Hey hey everybody....

    DAY #21 - WEEK #3

    well I'm a women...and you have to leave room for the week that your body is crazy, hormonal, cycle, moods...whatever your body is experience, "RIDE THE WAVE" but don't fall off...respect it, and you will be on board.

    I experience the most craziest ride these pass few days and my body didn't want to eat, but wanted something different.....so I had to be creative with juices...but I just couldn't drink somethings, lol...they taste like "DIRT"...ok....then i tried fruits more in the juice....i didn't like them either, my pallet and taste buds had changed....

    I tried a pinch of salt on my hand because my stomach was sour and weird like...so because I didn't want juice I had three days with water only.....now let me say...NOT ONE TIME DID I WANT a CHEESEBURGER...Not once did I want to stop...i just needed something different and I didn't know how to please my body...on one of the days I craved beefjerky...lol, I don't know the last time I ate that - my cells must've scrapped that off an organ....anyway

    TODAY...i juiced everything in my fridge and began again my regiment....but one thing I hated and couldn't juice it (I drank an 8 oz glass but never again) was a red cabbage, carrot and celery...nope, never....So here I am with a red cabbage and I freeze all the vegetables that I cut like celery, carrots, any so when I need a broth I have them...(YT - Martha Stewart and TDG*.....looking for vegetable broth and today I made three ...(a spinich - good, a veggie- Good and a red cabbage carrot, celery - good) I will be adding broth next week as a 16 oz juice....

    ****if you need help to learn how to eat after you stop juicing and need to change your eating habits...LOOK on YT - THE DOMESTIC GEEK...THIS will change your life and help you with meal planning ...take notes, you won't be SORRY....take the time to learn and you will have the tools to continue in your efforts*****

    This was a long message...its Sunday, I'm on my last week + 2 days....so I had to share...forgive me...i hope this helps someone.

  • Nomoreexcuses24

    3 weeks ago

    Day 2: I woke up still feeling under the weather, although I did have a better night sleep, and although I'm still feeling weak and fatigued, I'm definitely feeling better than the last few days.

    I feel like I have hit rock bottom, physically, psychologically, and financially, so there is only one way to go but up. I have been praying for a support group to help me get re-energized and I think I found it.

    Last night, I prepared this morning's juice (spinach, kale, ginger, necartine + Green Vibrance). Had it first thing this morning along with my vitamins. Also made myself chicken broth with cilantro. I'm resting in bed, which is something I probably should have done earlier in the week, but was too "macho" to allow my body to recuperate.

    I consider myself blessed to have found this community.

  • Nomoreexcuses24

    3 weeks ago

    I'm going to call today the first day of the rest of my life. I had a terrible cold this week and felt absolutely terrible physically and psychologically. I felt like the "biggest loser", but not like the TV program.

    I'm a male over 50 and "skinny fat". I have experienced insomnia most of my adult life and take sleeping medication. I'm tired of being "skinny fat". I'm tired of feeling tired. I owe it to my wife, my business, and myself to be in optimal health.

    I've been looking to find something like this for awhile now. I'm hoping and praying that being a part of this community will give me the inspiration I need to follow a plant-based diet that is proven to work. Like Joe says in the movie, I need to move from "I know" to 'I do!".

  • [...]

    2 weeks ago

    Hi, hope you're doing well! I just joined today, need to get to the store and start juicing. I'm approaching 50 (47) and "skinny fat" too. I used to be an aerobics kickboxing instructor, but when kids came along 11 years ago, I rarely every even walk, let alone exercise. I'm TIRED / EXHAUSTED . ALL . THE . TIME!!! I hate it. It's a struggle to get through every day, and I'm a mother, an elementary teacher, and a wife. I'm so tired of the struggle... just wanted to say I know how you feel and wish you the best!

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  • msdeeme

    3 weeks ago

    okay....let me update you

    ...my past few days...

    since 7/26...4 days ago, I was going through something and I just didn't and couldn't juice, my body shut down....okay that day I made sure I drank 1/2 my body in water...and i began to drink "Ballerina Herbal Tea" I purchaed online from Walmart....so the Next day....it happened again...instead of fighting it ...i decided to "RESPECT" what was happening and don't make a fuss....i didn't have a desire to eat food, so I wasn't tempted to eat....Well, it's been 4 days and I haven't juiced or never was tempted to eat, I made sure I drank my water and because I needed a quick pick me up, at 2AM....I had to go somewhere, I drank a glass of welch's juice.

    Not once have i desired to eat or chew...i think the tea, took my appetite because I've been going to the bathroom and let's just say, i don't understand how my body was eliminating, when I wasn't eating a thing....so the Tea was working....

    Tomorrow, no matter what I'm going to force myself to juice 64 oz....and my water...i only have 12 more days to go....

    I wasn't sure if this was common or not, but I can tell you, in my life time, I have never went 4 days without eating....!

  • Coolcatkimmy

    3 weeks ago

    I saw the documentary this past Sunday. Did a little research on Monday. Bought veggies and fruit Monday. Started making juice Tuesday. I'm finishing my 5th day. Watched the second documentary and bought the book today. I'm at the part where it says sign up for community help - so - I'm here! In my head I hear 15 days. But in my head I hear, if I can do 15- I can do 30. We shall see ????????

  • pelinccan

    3 weeks ago

    hey guys I'm Pelin and living Turkey ,, I'm so glad to be with you here

    I've an idea ,, what you guys think if we have Facebook group or WhatsApp which is easier to communicate each other ,, please share your ideas

  • msdeeme

    3 weeks ago



    What will make me happy?

    Will looking the way I see myself make me happy?

    Am I happy juicing and seeing my body differently?

    What the hell is happy?

    How come when I think of eating carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate ice cream...that....I feel happy and excited all over..and have a smile on my face...lol....Why?

    DAY 17 - WEEK #3

    Enjoy your day...Everyone!

  • shell

    3 weeks ago

    Yikes! I'm in! Actually signed up for an official 15 day Reboot...begins now today 07/26/17. Need to build up my immune system, this year had a second bout of pnuemonia, and ongoing back issues.

  • Mega_Licious

    3 weeks ago

    Today is my first day. I am doing this with my partner and we are very excited!!!

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