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  • aliwali04

    4 days ago

    I am not a beginner but I let myself get back to where I never wanted to be. I started my 30 days yesterday 06/19/17 so far everything is going good. Headaches not too bad but they are there. Can't wait to get past this week. Happy Juicing

  • Gshaw3356

    5 days ago

    I'm wanting to join this group. I did a 5 day challenge then continued juicing for breakfast & lunch but for dinner did a healthy meal. Hope I can join this team I need friends to motivate me in here. Thank you Chris

  • agdetrick

    1 week ago


    Just very recently started juicing. I started on the mean green juice. I am having problems during the day without actual food. Is it bad to start in the morning with the juice and eat dinner at early evening hours? I work in a backroom as a receiver, no air conditioner. Feel like I am going to pass out. I drink plenty water to keep me hydrated. Started on the Plant Protein Powder today.

    Will I be ok to start this way. I am having a hard time with this heat.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.


  • aliwali04

    4 days ago

    How much juice are you drinking daily. How long have you been doing juice only. The first few days are the hardest. You want to make sure you drink enough juice. If you want to add a meal I would say try to do a plant based meal no meat so it will be like a modified reboot.

  • DutchDenny

    1 week ago

    Hi all, After seeing Joe's Movie I knew I had to change things in my diet.

    Now I am juicing for a week now and I got really sick :( A lot of stomach "problems" so to speak and spending a lot of time on the toilet, lol.

    My my, this is embarrassing. Anyway, I do eat some light crackers with some light cheese on it or I will die of hunger. lol. Anyway, nice to be here and If anyone has tips for me, please feel free to share them with me....

    Juice on !

  • Cwtchfan

    1 week ago

    Hi everyone!

    I'm on day 3 of my first ever reboot. I'm going it alone and wanted to find a community to share my successes and woes haha! Having been told by my consultant "you will always have arthritis in your knees" I decided I wanted to prove him wrong and find my own way to wellness. I'm also quite overweight so have decided on a 60 day reboot but it feels really scary at the moment. Good news is I love juicing, but 60 days seems so long, I'm wondering if I can really do it, especially as I work inconsistent hours during the week.

    Looking forward to the journey! How is everyone else doing this week?

  • WJoeP

    3 days ago

    You can do it. Just picture in your mind that it is already done. There will be days when you want to quit, but keep your promise to yourself. And treat yourself with kindness and respect.

  • WJoeP

    1 week ago

    Day 22 of 30.

    One side effect I have noticed is that my mind has turned to positive thinking. I cannot get enough of positive thinking and outstanding motivational videos.

    And I no longer believe in limitations: the only limitations on me are the ones I place there. Even in this time of great turmoil, the more we become the people we know we can be, the better our country and world will be.

    This path is not for the faint of heart, and for that I admire you all.

    Tonight I'm going to look for a new pair of pants and a shirt for a wedding I will be attending in July.

  • Orlando Rebooter

    1 week ago

    Small Milestone,

    YAY I MADE IT! Too day 15 of 30! I am finally half way through! Really appreciate this forum and the tips you provide. Will be going to Starbucks to try that Evolution Fresh. Happy Juicing!

  • Rachyroo1

    1 week ago

    Just watched Joe's movie and feel so inspired to change. I've ordered my juicer which will arrive by Friday and I will be joining you on the juicing journey from Saturday. Cannot wait.....!

  • emama65

    1 week ago

    I just watched the movie and am so inspired. Just looking into everything and planning on the 60 day fast(cause I need it). This will be when I am on vacation so am know I will need to plan ahead..

  • WJoeP

    1 week ago

    Day 21 of 30.

    On the road taking my daughter to her college orientation day. I made four juices in advance for today. Over the weekend I cut back on my juices and drank mostly water while I worked hard outdoors laying mulch and running a tiller.

    Got dizzy by Sunday afternoon and had to rest. The lesson I take away is that I have to have my gallon of juice daily. Also, this week I am cutting back on my exercise and just walking and juicing. I want to focus on the healing and prepare for transition out on June 24. I will eat 50% Raw Vegan when I do go back to eating.

    Blessings to you all, and thank you for your courage.

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