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  • Michael in Boise

    4 hours ago

    I'm IN! I'm on day 4 of my 60-day juice fast. WOO HOO!!!

  • ChrisDK

    5 hours ago

    Greetings from Denmark :-)

    Being a newbie in the juice diet, could someone tell me the recommended size of a "meal" in mL?

    When I juice I end up with something between 750-1200 mL and I have no problems drinking it all at once, but I don't think that is quite correct.

    Ideas anyone? :-)

    Many regards and thank you for this group.


  • msdeeme

    6 hours ago

    QUOTE: THAT VERY THING, that temps you to stop juicing, how you feel and think, wants you to eat or chew, is THE VERY REASON our bodies are the way they are, don't give in....WE can do it... YOU, Can DO it!

    Enjoy your Day!

    CHECK-IN 7/20/2017 - AM

    DAY # 11 - WEEK #2

    For Me, MY Goal TODAY.

    JUICE - 64 ounces +

    WATER - (7-8) 16.9 Bottles

  • msdeeme

    18 hours ago

    Done....a hard day, started late...but I got it all down....

    Day #9 - WEEK 2 / PM Check-out...

  • msdeeme

    1 day ago



    WE CAN DO THIS...much prayer to everyone, Enjoy your day!


    CHECK-IN 7/19/2017 - AM

    For Me, MY Goal TODAY.

    Day 10 - WEEK 2

    Juice - 64 ounces + (8) 16.9 - Water

    **mostly green juice, limited fruits because of the overload yesterday...lo!

    Next Check-in: 7/19/2017- PM

  • Newmimi

    1 day ago

    Day 17 today. Feel really Good. I started at 256Ibs and said I would only get on scales every 15 days. Well on day 15, I weighed 241.0lbs. I'm well pleased with this but most important to me is how good i feel, how energised and clear headed i feel. My kids notice how much longer i can run around with them and just play without getting exhausted too soon. I feel emotionally balanced; i handle situations both home and business calmly without feeling overwhelmed. It's this sense of peace guys! I'm doing more reps during home exercise too.

    When I started I said i will divide the 60 days into 4 phases of 15days so it doesn't look too far a reach. I can safely say i'm on phase 2 of 4 which is day l7 today, still juicing and loving it.

    Regarding detox symptoms, I experienced like a light cold and just really tired first 5 days then a burst of energy from day 5. And then on day 11 and 13 i felt bloated but after a huge!! Really huge BM , i felt so much better, i also had a sore in my mouth like inner cheek which just appeared on day 15 but it is healing up. My skin feels smooth. I sometimes still have cravings like when cooking for family so i always make sure i have had my juice before cooking and whilst cooking too. I'm finding the cravings are not that strong anymore. Infact sometimes the aroma from foods just satify me.

    I'm just full of gratitude for joe and everyone that has shared there health journey. You are all an inspiration. I'm learning everyday to love my body and fuel it well well!!! One Day at a time! Wishing everyone a happy juicing rest of the week. Keep Keeping on xx

  • WorldWide

    1 day ago

    Day #1 done :-)

  • msdeeme

    1 day ago

    I want to Join this challenge, with you guys.....i look forward to your support and motivation ... I hope, i can be the same for someone.....!!!

    DAY # 9 - WEEK 2

    Today, was my first crave day, and the walls look mighty tasty....i think I put too much sugar in my juices...[I mixed all the extra juices from two days together 64 oz later it triggered all the stored sugar in each and every fat cell...because they thought the apples, pears and grapes were chocalate....the veggies, didn't have a chance.....Today, i finished all juice and 8 bottles of 16.9 water at 6:00 pm.....

    ....the cravings were too strong, so I went to bed and locked my bedroom door...and "WooLA", I found and joined, this group...

    Thanks for existing...next check-in 7/19/2017..

  • CandieArielle

    1 day ago

    and I will join the challenge.

  • CandieArielle

    1 day ago

    Hello. Today is my second day and I had some nuts because I was hungry. They didn't really taste good so I only had about half of a small bowl. Did I mess up my reboot?

  • msdeeme

    1 day ago

    Hello....lol...its not easy...but I think you turned on your digestive system....you don't have to start over....one day is worth you going....but continuing to eat, chew, munch, taste or swallow food will "turn on" your system and the body will respond....So, you're okay....don't be discouraged....you've got more days to be successful, don't allow that to stop you now!!!!

    when you are hungry, drink juice...and water....

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