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Posted by startingover2012 on 2 years ago Hi All - I shop organic. In my region of the country - Europe - most of the veggies are local which means when something is out of season - Not available. As a result there are not currently a lot of leafy veggies, with the exception of lettuce, available for my juices. Does anyone have any recom. - Does frozen work in juices?

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  • SpouseOfJuicer

    2 years ago
    We use frozen for smoothies so we don't have to use ice. I don't know what kind of juicer you own, but take the following into consideration: 1) check out the capabilities of your juicer. We have a Breville so it pretty much powers through very well. I probably wouldn't try others but just check first. 2) thaw the veggies a little before juicing 3) put small amounts in the juicer versus cramming everything in. I don't know if will work for you, but hope you find a solution if it doesn't. Good luck!
  • NYC404

    1 year ago

    Frozen works, might just be a little more watery from the ice?

  • juicer3

    1 year ago

    yeah I agree