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I'm not doing a 'real' reboot

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Posted by JuicyBrianHeath on 2 weeks ago

I've always enjoyed juicing. I'm not ready for an actual reboot, but I've noticed extra lbs creeping up on me. Has anyone started eating healthy, no nighttime snacking and juicing for a meal or two a day experienced any weight loss results? Any advice?

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  • Zootal

    1 week ago

    Two days and no answers? I'll take a shot at this one. I eat fruit and yogurt for breakfast, I juice all day long, and I have one bowl of broth with veggies for dinner. I seem to be loosing three pounds a week doing this. The fruit and yogurt is satisfying, and the juice gets me through until dinner without starving. A bowl of broth with some veggies is very satisfying, and there are no hunger problem. The weight loss is half what a "real" reboot would be, but it works for me. I'm at a 15 year record low weight, and still loosing.

    Today I had to retire my work pants because after loosing 40 pounds, half my clothes don't fit anymore :)

  • YoshBear

    1 week ago

    I've been on it for almost 30 days. I eat one meal a day of soup, salad, or roasted veggies. The rest juices. I've lost 7 Kg/15 lbs. so far. 25 to go. Good luck.

  • Zootal

    1 week ago

    Very nice! Your resuls are close to mine, about a half a pound a day give or take. I'm going to post some graphs in another thread.

    Keep at it! I find the fruit in the morning and the bowl of broth with veggies totally destroys any hunger problems, and that seems the be the hardest part of juicing - the incessant hunger.

  • LiveTo120

    1 day ago

    I'm doing blending instead of juicing and I'm never hungry. I have had cravings for what I thought were protein deficiencies but I've figured out that these are from detoxing. I was doing one protein powder per day and one blender full that I split into three juices and just take them with me in the morning. I do a green one day and a red the next day. Saves a lot of time. I'm small already but losing 2 lbs a week with no hunger.

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