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Free for All

Posted by Mark B on 2 months ago

Hi guys,

Just a quick unrelated juice question. How many of you guys go to the gym regularly?

I'm getting into the habit of going every evening and was wondering what equipment/routine is best. I've Google it and all I get is stuff for putting on muscle, I want to lose weight. I'm a large bloke and really unhealthy, so I need something to a) loose weight b) just get fitter.

Sorry to be so vague.


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Replies To Gym

  • YoshBear

    1 month ago

    Some time back I received an offer from FamilyTree DNA, who I've used for genealogical research, for a cheap test from Vitagene. One of the items in the Vitagene Vitality test results was what type of exercise regimen is right for your dna. I have yet to act on it. The most exercise I do is walk, but it might be helpful for you. They also suggest what types of conditions and micronutrient deficiencies you may be prone to.

  • enjoy

    1 month ago

    i would also like to know the answer to this question cause im planing to do crossfit on my 30th day. im guessing its just a trial and error thing??? btw i would also love to know if you guys drink more juice when working out or is it just the same? TIA :D

  • LiveTo120

    1 day ago

    Best to lose weight and get toned is to do an hour of cardio 3x/wk and do the machines - 2 sets of reps, using whatever weight that causes exhaustion of the muscle at15 count to build muscle and at 20 just to tone. Learned that during my bodybuilding days.

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