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Green smoothies and stomach problems

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Posted by maydha on 8 months ago Hi, I am a vegan, "whole foods plant based" diet follower mainly. I have been trying this "rebooting with juciing" method for past 4 days, but since I don't have a juicer, I decided to make smoothies from my green veggies instead (I made Joe's "Mean Green Smoothie" instead of a juice), mainly emphasizing spinach, kale, and collard greens. But I noticed that I started getting quite a bit of stomach gas and also had a lot of stomach acidity (acid reflux) problem yesterday. Upon searching a little bit I found opinions expressing to go easy on raw greens, and instead eat them in cooked form. Now I am in a catch! Please advice. Thanks.

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Replies To Green smoothies and stomach problems

  • Apple-A-Day

    8 months ago
    Juicing and smoothies are 2 different animals. Take a look around the site for information on why one is not like the other. There is lots of good advice from the naturopaths/nutritionists on rebooting. The fiber in the smoothies may be contributing to your intestinal distress. Juicing leaves out the fiber, allowing your body to digest differently than with fiber - absorbing the micronutrients into your system immediately. Fiber will cause your system to digest the smoothies as food instead of liquid. Smoothies are still good for you, just not a reboot. Might want to invest in a juicer? I have seen some at Goodwill or ValueVillage if you don't want to invest in a new one. Good luck and best wishes for your health quest!
  • Claire Georgiou

    7 months ago
    Dear maydha, Thanks for your great answer bmccarty. Consuming some vegetables such as kale, spinach in large quantities in raw form as a smoothie can be a problem if you have mineral deficiencies and/or a thyroid problem. Cooking deactivates the goitrogens that they are talking about by 50% approximately. These foods are very important to include in a healthy diet and are healthy to consume raw and cooked. Here is more on the subjects - Why Juice -