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Gout and Juicing

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Posted by dawn.fahnestock on 3 years ago My husband has gout and wants to start a reboot. He does have physician clearance. Just wondered are there specific veggies and combinations we should avoid?

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  • Stacy Kennedy

    3 years ago
    Hi Dawn, here is more information about gout and a reboot for your husband Wishing him well on this journey!
  • dawn.fahnestock

    3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Adrian

    2 years ago
    I started juicing last Sunday afternoon and by 10 pm Monday night I had a gout attack which was serious as I was in tremendous pain on my main toe. I used beet root, carrot, a little bit of spinach and kale, orange, celery, green apple, tomatoes and broccoli. I was surprised juicing can cause a gout attack. So I stop juicing completely. Perhaps in my case juicing had caused a sudden surge of uric acid despite that these vegetables are not high in purine. In fact orange, carrot and celery which I used mostly are supposed to treat gout. So I am not sure what had happened. Perhaps I should take half a glass first as a start, instead of 1.5 glass. On the good side, my blood pressure was normal (125/88) as I have about 145/95 usually. I am taking Indomethacin now to recover but this had spiked my blood pressure I would appreciate any advice.
  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    2 years ago
    Dear Adrian, Sudden changes particularly healthy ones can aggravate gout so it is important to start slow - here in Stacy's article she makes suggestions that would be important for you to follow. Get into the preparation week and slowly incorporate the juicing steadily - Let me know if you have any further questions!

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