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Posted by Zutphen on 1 month ago It seems very difficult to lose just 5 pounds. I have a 16 oz glass of juice, way more veggie than fruit, twice a day and a sensible salad for lunch. Do I really have to switch to 4 glasses of juice and no salad in order to get results? I have one mug of coffee in the morning and drink water and coconut water throughout the day. So far I've only lost one pound in one week. My Fitbit shows that I average over 10,000 steps / day and average 7.5 hrs sleep / night. I exercise at the gym 4x/week. I'm 72, am 5'9, and weighed in at 135.4 this morning. That is a healthy weight for my height but I'm sick of all my clothes feeling tight in the hips. Is there any special advice to people who only have 5 pounds to lose?

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  • Midnight

    1 month ago

    You have my utmost sympathy. I have to lose 10-15 pounds and I think it takes longer if you only have a small amount. I have heard that not eating enough could be a problem or not getting enough fat so the body tends to hang onto the weight.

    I was on the keto diet for 2 months and never lost a pound which is frustrating to go on a program and read about all the success stories and not get anywhere. I hope you have found some answers by now. I am tired of my clothes being tight and having clothes i can't fit into. good luck to us.

  • Zootal

    1 month ago

    At our age it seems to be harder to loose weight. Not sure why, maybe our metabolism is just slowing down compared to the younger generation? Also, that last five pounds of fat may not really be fat. If it does not come off fairly easily, you might have run out of fat to burn. That is a dangerous place to be, because when we run out of fat to burn, our body turns to muscles and organs. Very dangerous.

    In the end, I found that with me it all comes down to calorie input and activity level. If I am not active, then two quarts of juice a day plus some coconut water and a protein supplement, and I do not loose weight. At all. The juice and coconut water and protein supplement adds up to enough calories to keep me from burning fat.

    The standard answer is to drink more juice and drink more water, but all that did for me was cause me to gain weight and have to go pee 3 or 4 times an hour.

    YMMV - what works for me may not work for you, but this is what I do to loose weight:

    Breakfast - fruit with home made yogurt (keeps gut bacteria alive and healthy)
    Lunch/snack - two pints of juice.
    Dinner - pint of juice with protein supplement, sometimes a bowl of broth.

    Any more than this, and I do not loose weight.

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