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Eating While Juicing

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Posted by Diana on 2 years ago


I am on a 14 day reboot. I was wondering how much eating a healthy salad (kale, spinach, sprouts, pumkin seeds, cranberries w/ a lemon & apple cider vineager dressing) once a day, 3 days a week would interfere with what ideally would have been a pure juice cleanse? My work is rather hectic and I can't afford to have a slow/off day. Having a salad for lunch in addition to the juices seems to sustain me longer and makes the reboot sustainable especially on days that I work.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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Replies To Eating While Juicing

  • Shunned

    2 years ago

    Hi Diana. Your not doing any hard by eating the salad however what it means is your not doing a proper juice fast. Reason being is that an all juice fast allows your digestive system to rest and your body uses your fat as energy and by yoru body being in a state of rest you start to heal. Adding the salad simply wakes it up again and will slow your weight loss a bit. Dont let that discourage you if your happy with it and its working then great!

    I am not sure your work situation but do you have the abitliy to bring a couple juices with you ? I do that myself with a tiny cooler and mason jars. Just fyi!

    Good luck!

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