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Cures for Rosacea

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Posted by cherryc on 1 week ago


I've never posted here before. I've recently started getting red blotches and little red veins on my face, and raised papules...little bumps similiar to acne but not. I've tried many cures , but nothing works. I'm thinking of fasting eating melons, papaya and juicing for how ever long it takes to see some difference in my face. I'm wondering if there's anyone here can give me any suggestions. My face is getting to the point where not even make up can cover it. I'm pretty healthy, I'm vegetarian...I still eat dairy, thinking of going to vegan to see if it helps...Frustrating....:/

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  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    4 days ago

    Dear CherryC,

    Has it been diagnosed as Acne Rosacea? From what you've written it sounds like this. It is an inflammatory skin condition that can be helped with liver support and high dose antioxidants. Juicing will be a great way to cool this down and support the reduction in the inflammation and the redness that is appearing on your cheeks.

    Dairy can certainly aggravate this condition and avoiding it for a period of time is ideal.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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