Coming Off a Juice Fast And Going On Vacation


Posted by Jnell on 1 week ago

Hi All,

I am on day 28 of a 40 day Juice fast. I am amazed at the results so far. Before I started, I was about 60 pounds overweight. With this fast, I have gone from 219 lbs. to 191 lbs., consistently losing a pound on most days. I hope to be around 175 lbs at day 40.

Day 40 is a Sunday. On Tuesday of that same week, my husband and I will fly to LA for a week, and then drive to Portland for another week to visit our sons. I want to enjoy my time with great cuisine, yet keep my weight off. I realize that I will probably gain 10 lbs., no question. I need suggestions for food choices that will be delicious yet keep my weight off. I also don't want to turn down a chance to sample local dishes that are not good choices in day to day life. I also may want a drink or two on certain days. ( I usually don't touch alcohol.)

I come back and go right back to school as I am a teacher. I plan on juicing for 3 more weeks as soon as I return. I feel amazing right now and am afraid of losing this wonderful feeling and gaining weight as quickly as I lost it. Any suggestions or information about juice bars and clean eating in Santa Monica and Portland would be appreciated! Thanks so much!

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  • Soraya

    1 week ago

    I did a 31 day reboot last Oct (went from 178lbs to 149lbs). Shortly after I started eating (I'd say 3-4 months) I put on about 6lbs back on, then 4 more lbs after 8 months. You WILL gain about 5-7 lbs after you start eating but I did mainly raw foods (for lunch) and still juiced for breakfast & dinner . I put the extra 4lbs after I started drinking my alcohol again (maybe 3 times a week) and started eating (healthy) dinners at night. I was always vegetarian but about a month or more before I started my second 30 day juice fast ( I am on day 8) I went vegan so I am hoping I don't gain the full 10lbs again after this one and if I do, oh well. I'd stay away from anything that is white. I don't use white anything from salt, sugar, bread, rice, etc.

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