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Can you juice the night before?

Ask the Nutritionist

Posted by Nbalch48 on 2 years ago If you juice the night before, what is the best method to put the juice in so it doesn't lose all its vitamins? And is there a time limit on juicing before your drink it?

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Replies To Can you juice the night before?

  • nstariot

    2 years ago
    Short answer yes. Depending on the type of juicer you have juice can last somewhere between 24-72 hours after it is made. Some people argue you get the most nutritional punch from drinking it immediately but for those of us trying to be prepared, juicing the night before is acceptable. Some will say using lemon juice will also help prolong the life if your juice but probably not necessary if you plan on drinking it within 12-24 hours. Make sure you place your juice in BPA free bottles (many use mason jars) and try to ensure as little air as possible is in the jar (I.e fill it to the "tippy-top"). My husband and I make juice ahead of time (the night before) and in bulk as its for two people to cover roughly three "meals" each. We find this very convenient and actually helps keep cost down (no wasted juice or pulp!). Hope this answered your question. Good luck juicing!