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    DSN Pre Workout

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    Expert Author Dan Przyojski

    DSN Pre Workout n concentrate to my mantra...
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    Looking for partners. 60 days! in
    Group Reboots 7 hours ago

    I'm on day two. I told myself just try 3 days and see. Then go 10. Then 30.. I really want to go 60, like Joe. I know it will be hard at first but I see how good people's faces look - so much healthier - after doing this for even 10 days. I am feeling a bit headachey but trying to keep up with herb tea, water and juice. <3

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    First Reboot! in
    Group Reboots 8 hours ago

    I am! Day 26/60

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    Anyone from Singapore? On my juicing journey... in
    Free for All 11 hours ago

    Hi, is there anyone here from Singapore? Would love to link up!

    I just started on a modified reboot and its the third day *yay*

    I had previously tried juicing and doing a reboot but it always didnt work.. i would feel terrible and hungry after just half a day, and then I would give up. I am terrified of having hunger pangs as I have had several bouts of terrible gastric since young, so severe that I was almost hospitalised. So once the hunger pangs hit, I was afraid that it would wreak havoc on my health so survival instincts won.

    This time round I've decided to do a modified version and I think I've found the formula that works for me.

    This is what I used to do (which led to failure):

    - I would just buy whatever caught my fancy or was on offer that day (by the way, kale and spinach is not so easy to find here, so I typically substitute with Chinese variants like bok choy - bad move)

    - I would start juicing when I wake up without the glass of lemon water (no excuse, cause I was lazy)

    - I would put a whole mishmash of stuff, up to 7 different fruit/veg, to make a larger batch so I would not need to juice again later. Ended up making the taste really weird and the juices that had been kept for a few hours were not fresh, and made it yuckier

    - I would throw in all types of fruits and vegetables without any processing into my juicer. This often caused it to clog when more fibrous ones were used. It then became a pain trying to unclog it in the middle of juicing, either that or I would give up and the whole juice mix would become quite yucky since the juice could not be properly strained.

    So not surprisingly, I tried twice and failed twice. This time maybe I'm third time lucky, but I made up my mind that I had to do something as I could see my body going out of whack. I put on 10kg in the last 2 years due to work, I hardly sleep well, I have a ton of stomach problems, low energy and terrible dermatitis. My skin would flare up upon touching almost anything. I had sensitive skin since young, but these 2 years have been terrible.

    To set myself up for success, these were the changes I made:

    - I shopped mainly according to the 10-day plan shopping list

    - I drank lemon water before I started to make my juice

    - I start the day with a non green juice (green juices seem to stimulate my stomach more and I dont prefer the taste)

    - I chop up fibrous veggies the day before

    - I use only 3-4 types of fruits n veg per juice and I juice at most half a day in advance

    - I add protein powder to my juice

    - I drink my juice with a straw (makes me drink slower, and makes me more satiated)

    - I have a dinner with solid food (since dinner is often the most impt culturally here too)

    Even though it is not a full reboot (some may feel that I am cheating with a dinner), I feel that this is the sustainable method for me. It is my third day (I honestly did not expect to last this long), and I am already seeing effects: I sleep better, have more energy, am less irritable, and my tummy has also shrunk a little.

    Am looking to do this for a longer period of time, and will continue to report progress!

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