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    Anyone else from Chile? in
    Reboot Newbies 6 hours ago


    Aquí alguien de Chile y con ganas de tener apoyo!! ya hice un reinicio de 15 días.. descansé una semana... y haré otro de 15 dias mas.. para luego lanzarme con los 30... cuéntame de tu experiencia. Saludos,

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    Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support in
    Group Reboots 9 hours ago

    Where Is Zeke??????????

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    Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support in
    Group Reboots 9 hours ago

    Yesterday I spent most of the day working in the garden I brought back a lot of succulent clippings with me so I spent most of the day planting them either in the planting bed or in pots. I ended up with 7.31 miles for the day yesterday and even the week before I got 40 miles in. Year to date total as of Saturday 1041.96 miles. Off to work in the garden I have weeds to pull in the raised vegetable beds, and I want to bet my car washed. My husband is in a golf tournament today so he will be home late I plant to make some juices. I walked 4 miles with my friend Gail this morning and have the shopping done and put away. Fruit infused water and fruit awaiting the juicer!

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    Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support in
    Group Reboots 9 hours ago

    It was too hot to backpack with Wyatt 100 degrees and the hills ugh. I did carry him down to see the donkey and horses twice and around the yard I sis get in 3.13 miles. We took him home and he wanted to come back with us. funny he used to see me and scream NO!! He didn't want to leave his mama, and now a phone call when he misses her fixes everything.

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    Fat man falling in
    Reboot Newbies 9 hours ago

    Phase 4/End of Phase 3

    Century Mark and Pickles

    Well, the good news is that I made 255 lbs on Saturday morning. The same day as I had planned to start eating. Chuckle. Now it is time to get going on Phase 4. I started eating on Saturday after touring the Battleship North Carolina. Lots of stairs and ladders. Then we went to Carolina Beach for some waves and swimming. My son ran out of Go juice after an hour with the tide coming in. I have had zero food issues so far. Veggies, Fish, chicken and pork have already been tried. Beef is tonight. After that, I can slow down and take it easier. Still juicing for breakfast and lunch at home. Last night I entered the Fun Zone with ice cream. Nice reward, but it doesn't hold an emotional connection anymore like it did.

    Yesterday was lot of work. I made 18 pints of refrigerator pickles. Now I have to make pints of corn in the pressure canner. Fun stuff. Preserving the harvest. Vinegar, salt, sugar, turmeric, celery seed and mustard seed all form with the cucumbers and onions to preserve and make the pickles. The parents loved them. The kids loved making them even if they didn't like my pickles with the sprig of dill. Still, the kids are learning how to do food preservation. Those 18 pints represent the left overs of the case of cucumbers that I got for the kids. Cut out the bad spots and save the rest. So much goodness to be had in 10 days. The funny part is that I won't be able to enjoy at the 10 day mark. Oh well. They will still be there when I can.

    That is part of the adventure of food preservation. You get to enjoy it later and not be in a rush. Now I have to get ready for the next adventure. Phase 5 is scheduled for the middle of August. That will last through September. My Reboots are getting shorter and more frequent compared to when I first did the 100 days. It is far easier to transition back to food this way.



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