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  • spookyshaz commented on day one

    day one tomorrow ...off to do my shopping how do i get through the feeling of wanting to eat xx please help x

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  • Jillybean commented on How Much Do You Drink??

    Thanks for great advice wairing on schools to go back then hitting the juice :))

  • Andrea commented on Got health problems but don't want to lose lots of weight


    I've got a neurological condition that lots of doctors can't find the answer to and no medication has helped. My friend told me about Joe and juicing and I've watched the videos and really want to give it a try to see if the nutritional benefits might help me. I'm a healthy weight though and don't want to lose lots of weight. How it best to get the benefits from a reboot but not lose huge amounts of weight?

    Thanks :o)

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  • ormamannn commented on Carrot and milk juice recipe

    Natural carrot juice recipe

    I t takes about 10 minutes to prepare carrot juice. With the below ingredients.

    1.Carrots- 3 to 4

    2.Milk-one cup

    3.Water-1/4th cup

    4.Sugar-5 to 6 tsp


    ·Make sure scrap the skin and wash the carrots very well.

    ·Now, microwave it around 10 minutes.

    ·Allow the carrots to cool for some time.

    ·Use a mixer jar, and add all ingredients and run mixer till it is smoothly blended.

    ·You can now transfer it into a jar and serve it when chilled.

  • ormamannn commented on Natural body juice

    Hi guys, here is the natural body juice you can take to melt away even the most persistent belly fat. Normally we all know that metabolic activity slows down while we’re sleeping and that where the magic works. You have to consume this drink before going to bed. You have to juice these ingredients below very well and drink before your bedtime. Hope this helps? Good luck.


    1. ½ clean glass of water

    2. A bunch of parsley

    3. 1 lemon

    4. 1 tbsp grated vera juice

    5. 1 cucumber

    6. 1 tbs grated ginger

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