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  • JPlovesJuice commented on Juice for the day

    Perhaps I should ask my question differently! I'm new to juicing and wonder how much juice should be consumed per meal or per day....

    Also, I'm wondering how do people do this while working? I have a job that keeps me on the road, working from my car often times. Do you just juice enough for the day and carry it with you...does the juice "keep" in a cooler throughout the day, or do I need to juice each meal?

    I want to make this work...just need a bit more guidance! I know Joe had his juicer in the back of his car, but that won't quite work for me...

    Suggestions/ideas welcomed and encouraged Please!!!!

  • Zootal commented on Amount of juice intake

    HOWEVER - I have learned by experience that some conditions of the digestive system seem to respond well to a 2-3 day fast. I have what Doctors ambiguously describe as IBS without change in bowel habit - my guts hurt but BMs are normal - no constipation, no diarrhea, endoscopy and ct scan shows all is well and normal. But my guts still hurt, and eating too much low fiber food makes it much worse. So, when it gets too bad, I will fast for 2-3 days, poof, pain is gone!

    Under rare circumstances, our digestive system can benefit from a 2-3 day break from its day-in day-out routine, but I'm not convinced it needs more than that. Maybe as a med student you have some insight into this?

  • Zootal commented on Amount of juice intake

    I follow a modified juicing plan because it works for me. I personally don't believe that the stomach or liver needs to rest - as a medical student, you know that they are designed to work 24/7 and "resting" them doesn't really accomplish anything. I personally prefer to keep a small amount of fiber going through my digestive system. So:

    Breakfast: Fruit with homemade yogurt. Good sugar boost, protein, and probiotics to keep gut baceteria alive and well.

    lunch: Juice

    Dinner: A bowl of broth, usually with a small amount of vegetable, and a pint of juice with a protein supplement. This combination is very satisfying and makes the hunger monster go away.

    Total juice consumed: About a quart and a half

    Total calories consumed: Average 900 a day

    When I do this, I loose about 2-3 pounds a week.

  • Leslie commented on Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support

    Hi Zeke, I know you are lurking out there somewhare!

  • Leslie commented on Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support

    Yesterday afternoon i went down to the garden and used a small paint brush to try and pollinate the cucumbers. I saw a couple of bees working on the tomatoes and one on the cucumbers. I need to go do the same to the watermelon plants and then water them deeply.

  • Leslie commented on Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support

    Walked this morning with my friend Gail, tomorrow we are going to take a class on making our family tree, and creating a family history. It is 2 days long, I am looking forward to it I want to find a notebook I can use to take notes today. It was much smokier today then yesterday. Much less windy though I just hope they get the fire out soon.

  • Leslie commented on Starting 11/15/13 - REALLY need buddies for support

    I have beets, kale (3 different varieties), 3 different summer squash, 3 types of watermelon, only 1 type has had fruit so far, eggplant, asparagus, 4 varieties of bell peppers, chard, cucumbers, green beans, 30 tomatoes of assorted varieties, and red seedless grapes. We also have asian pears and several varieties of apples.

    Not sure what caused the fire however it is heading toward Yosemite. I am glad we went twice this year to hike, we have reservations in October to go again. Mariposa Fire

  • Zootal commented on Amount of juice intake

    Here is my take on this:

    When on a reboot that vast majority of our calories are carbohydrates, and the differences between how fast the body turns them into glucose isn't really a concern while juicing. In the overall scheme of things, the sugars in the juice doesn't really add up to all that many calories, and blood sugar problems are not an issue for those that are not diabetic. The caveat to all of this is assuming you don't drink a gallon of juice in one setting. The recommended "serving" size is about 16-22 ounces, but I don't even drink that much at one time. I can't chug a pint of juice without throwing up - it's just too much juice at once. I usually drink about 8 ounces at a time, often less, and I drink it whenever I feel like it.

    Can we drink too much juice? Yes, but our bladder capacity usually stops us from doing that. HOWEVER as we progress into the reboot, our metabolism slows a bit and depending on how active we are, we sometimes find that the juice we consume provides us with enough calories to prevent significant weight loss. When that happens to me, I cut back on juice, sometimes to around 600 calories a day. As a med student, you might shudder at the thought of someone consuming 600 calories a day, and it certainly is not sustainable in the long run, but a reboot is a short term thing - it stresses the body, but not unduly so, and it's only for a few weeks.

    So if the scale stalls for day after day after day, I cut back on the calories, and that gets it moving again.

    And yes the cravings on the first reboot, especially during the first days, can be BRUTAL. In time you get used to it, but for the beginner juicer it can be truly miserable. Especially at night.

  • balancedhealthylife commented on Amount of juice intake

    Hi Charles,

    thanks so much for your comment!! I'm not a doctor yet - still a long road to go and this is exactly why I'm asking other for their opinion :) So thanks a lot for sharing! I appreciate it.

    I meant I often drink 1.5 liter/meal (so basically 1.5 for breakfast, lunch and dinner and sometimes snack drinks in between).

    But I think it's really good advice to make sure I'll drink enough water and ensure I'll have mostly veggie based drinks and not too much fruit in it :)

  • Zootal commented on Newbie here!

    I have used a three day water fast to start a reboot, and found it works very well. It jump starts the weight loss and bypasses a lot of the "getting used to it" misery. Your digestive system quickly empties out and your body quickly starts to burn fat. Be sure to drink lots of water.

    Not everyone can do this, but if you can endure it, I highly recommend it. I get more from a three day water fast than I do an entire week of juicing.

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