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  • uk_paul commented on My 30 day journey...

    Good luck Tony. I am getting to the end of day 7 now. Have had some ups and downs. Mornings seem to be easy all the way through until around 6pm, where I start to feel very hungry, but more so than hungry I feel empty. I haven't followed any plan other than just drinking juices to be honest, haven't bought a book, only seen the films.

    I wasn't drinking enough in the evenings and realised I needed another Juice to fill the gap to take me up to 5 a day. So now have a rough routine of a 16oz juice at 8:30am, 10:30am, 1pm, 5pm (missed this out many days), 8pm. I played a game of squash on day 3 and was left with little energy going into day 4. I wanted to get to 7 days and have done that now and don't feel strongly about carrying on or stopping if I am honest. I do feel cleansed that's for sure.

    My weight has dropped each day:

    day 1 = -6.5lbs (although pretty sure I weighed myself after a glass or two of water in the morning on the first day)

    day 2 = -2.0lbs

    day 3 = -1.9lbs

    day 4 = -0.4lbs

    day 5 = -0.7lbs

    day 6 = -0.3lbs

    I am debating putting some actual foods back into my diet from tomorrow and still juicing twice a day. I want to start exercising again and haven't had the energy just drinking juices (I am also away this weekend and am unlikely to be able to juice as often as hoped). I think if I do go back to food I will add soups/salad, but continue to have just vegetables only as my diet for now (maybe add some nuts). If this stops working for weight loss, then I will jump back on the juices next week.

    The main benefit I have found is switching my mindset. I need to eat a lot less than I was previously to still be functional and don't need caffine or soft drinks at all. I am going to use the whole process (hopefully) to ease back into much smaller portions (which is my main issue) and healthy food

    - See more at: http://community.rebootwithjoe.com/discussions/topic/my-30-day-journey?p=2#post-entry-721029

  • CrazyCurls commented on Day 1 of 22. Need motivation and support ????

    I am on day 2 of a (however long I decide to go) juice fast. I juiced in February but only for 3 days. I hear the first 3 days are the hardest. So I'm excited to push through these first few days.

    It definitely helps to have support. So let's definitely encourage each other!

  • Johnny Bum commented on Beginner 15 days reboot

    I have made my juices in 32oz. mason jars. I would drink 2-3 of those a day, as needed. Each day was different, and I adjusted as I went along. I now drink approximately 2 mason jars a day. BU I drink 30-60oz. of veggie pulp broth. As it turned out the veggie broth was my daily go to, and helped me with the cold weather that we've had in Boston in the last two months. It works because I'm on day 56. JUST DON"T LET YOURSELF BECOME HUNGRY! When you feel like eating, drink some juice. The hunger then passes quickly. Don't worry about how much to drink. Listen to your body. It will let you know when you need more, or less. Good Luck to you and your wife, tcrite!

  • Tony1977 commented on Beginner 15 days reboot

    Hey, tcrite! In the book "Reboot with Joe" he says that his recipes usually make about (2) juices of 12-16 ozs per drink. So you should shoot for 12-16 ozs of juice per drink. The book also recommends a cup of boiling water with 1-3 slices of lemon in the morning (which I've found very helpful since I'm usually a coffee drinker in the morning, so the drinking something hot keeps my morning routine), an herbal tea just before bed, and AT LEAST 64 ozs (8 cups) of water throughout the day.

    Good luck on your juicing. I'm on Day 5 of 30 and so far I'm down 10 pounds (mostly water weight) but my pants are feeling better and my energy is great. Keep us posted on how you're doing!

  • Tony1977 commented on Aloha my Brothers and Sisters...I need your help

    Howzit, congrats on the Biggest Loser success! I agree that losing the weight is the easy part, maintaining the weight loss is the killer. If your family is new to juicing, as am I, I would recommend you get the Reboot with Joe app (if you have a smart phone) or get his book "Reboot with Joe" [https://www.amazon.com/Reboot-Joe-Juice-Diet-Healt... because both the book and the app have the 3/5/10/15/30 day juicing plans and correlated recipes within them.

    I like it because I'm doing the 30 day plan. I'm on Day 5 and these past five days have traditional food (salads, soups, roasted stuffed acorn squash) to help me transition into Days 6-30 which is 100% juicing. Because I've never juiced before and because I *think* I need to eat food, this middle-ground of some juicing/smoothies paired with some salads, soups, etc let me ease my way into the juicing program.

    I share this with you simply because it might be helpful to ease your family members into the juicing program, whether they do 15 or 30 days (both programs start the first 5 days with a mixture of juice and edibles), this can be the hook to help them see the value of juicing.

    Listen, for what it's worth, I've been on the 30 day program for 4 full days and when I got on the scale this morning to log my Day 5 weight, I'm down 8 pounds. Now, I realize that approximately 4 of those pounds are purely water weight, but my pants (which were snug) are now comfortable around my waist/hips/thighs...so you family members should start to see/feel results within the first 4-5 days.

    The other upside to easing into the juicing plan via salads/soups/roasted veggies...none of the terrible feelings people claim they feel during the first 3-4 days of juicing. I see get to "eat" a couple times throughout the day, no headaches, no dizziness or general feeling bad. Maybe tomorrow will be a different story when Day 6 starts and it's truly nothing but juice, but for the time being, Days 1-5 have been surprisingly easy on my body.

    You should use this post to come back and update us on what you're doing and how you're doing!

  • lizbit614 commented on metabolism

    thanks Julie !

  • lizbit614 commented on metabolism

    thanks Tony !

  • lizbit614 commented on metabolism

    thank you Zootal

  • Howzit commented on Aloha my Brothers and Sisters...I need your help

    I need recommendations on basic juices recipes to make for breakfast, lunches and dinners. Its me and my family(about 4 of us) will be incorporating juicing into our intake. Hopefully for me. I want to challenge myself to go pure juicing later on after i learn the basics.

    Recent as March 31st 2017. I just got off pure vegan diet for about 3 months, "No EyeBalls", meaning no dairy, no red-meat, no poultry, no eggs, no fish, pretty much a plant-base diet.

    So, I guess Im asking for help on what will be sufficient types of recipes that will give us adequate energy throughout the day i can do for my wife, my lil children and Mom, and myself to have enough energy to sustain through the day until we have a very good plant-base early-dinner.

    Believe me when I tell you we are not those in-fit families. I just have a wrestling-heart. I only went on that pure vegan diet for 3 months because i entered in our in-house Biggest Loser Competition, in which i did win 1st place, $350 dollars(thank you very much;-) I know how to cut weight; however, like most ppl for me and my family, its not taking the weight off, its more so, maintain the good lifestyle and choices and keeping the weight off is the elephant in the room.

    Finally and Most important, Im desperate need to help my mother with her health issues, getting her off her medication and create a great environment to help my mom, my wife, my kids and me..to be successful, which we saw in Pt 2 unfortunately "Phil" did not have compared to Joe.(Lesson learned) The great thing is my mom watched both Pt 1 & 2, plus her older sister who is 80 years old and recently my aunts children got her to juice and behold, she is off her walking-cane, energy up the wahzoo, off her meds. My mom is willing to go through the fire to obtain her sisters results.

    I hope im making sense. I am looking for a newbie family, where we start, then soon after, for me transition to just pure juicing all day all night, Mahalo and Aloha Dana

  • julie commented on Beginner 15 days reboot

    I would tend to have about 5 juices a day. I went on a professional juicing holiday once and they gave us 4 large juices a day plus a small apple and ginger shot. Hope that helps.

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